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It is very common that you download the same files from the internet multiple times without remembering that you have downloaded them previously. This is not an issue until the number of duplicate files on our computer increases and you face free hard disk space problems. 

In such cases you would need to have a duplicate file remover because you can not manually look at all the folders and subfolders of your computer and remember the files and remove them when you see another version of them. It is totally impossible because even if you can do such a thing, you are not sure that the new found duplicate file is exactly like the previous one you found.

The need of having a good duplicate file remover program is obvious and almost anyone needs to have one duplicate file finder installed on their computer. 

There are so many duplicate file removers out there on the internet. Some of them are free and some others need to be purchased. One of the best free duplicate file remover programs is AllDup.

AllDup is a totally free-to-use duplicate file finder software for Windows operating system. It perfectly works with all popular versions of Windows as: Windows Server, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs are supported.

You can download AllDup duplicate file remover from the official website and use it as long as you want without any limitations.

AllDup is a freeware application for searching and deleting duplicate files. AllDup includes a fast search algorithm and a simple user interface that is attractive for both beginner and professional users.

AllDup duplicate file remover
AllDup duplicate file remover

There are many options and settings for finding duplicate files. Users can completely customize the process of finding duplicate files and manage the results just the way they want.

Using AllDup duplicate file remover tool, you can select not only source folders or drives, but also search criteria and select to search files by name, format, size, creation date, features or content.

Additionally, you can ignore the ID3 tags of MP3, EXIF ​​JPEG files, and even compare a data block at the end of a file.

Although the speed of searching for duplicate files highly depends on your CPU and hard disk speed, AllDup uses a very fast algorithm to find and remove duplicate files; it can search 10 GB of data in less than a minute.

Closer Look at AllDup Duplicate File Remover

After you select the folders that you want to execute search operating in them, AllDup allows you to select different comparison methods for them as below:

  • Compare files from all source folders
  • Compare only files within the same source folder 
  • Compare only files between different source folders
  • Compare only files within the same source and sub folder

In addition to comparison methods, there are different search methods you can use as below:

  • Find duplicate files based on these properties: File name, extension, size, content, last modified date, create date and attributes
  • Find similar files names
  • Find similar pictures: The Comparison methods can be applied are: aHash, bHash, dHash, pHash, MD5 (128-bit), SHA-1 (160-bit),  SHA-2 (256-bit),  SHA-2 (384-bit) and  SHA-2 (512-bit)
  • Find similar audio files: Scan length and percent of match between the files can be set
  • Find video and audio files on the basis of audio length
  • Find hard links

If you want to do multiple tasks at the same time and run a duplicate file removal, you can set AllDup to set the CPU priority of it to low (which leads to slower search).

The other search options you can apply are determining file owner, determining the hard link count for each file, determining picture dimension and determining duration, bit rate and sample rate for the file extensions you define for the application.

Another feature of AllDup duplicate file remover is the built-in file preview that allows you to preview the duplicate files before deleting them to make sure you have multiple copies of them. You can select the file extensions to only enable built-in file preview for them.

After running one search, you can save the results and continue the removal process whenever you would like with no need to run a new duplicate file scan. The search results can be exported to TXT, CSV and EXCEL formats. AllDup is available in 20 languages and you can use it in your mother tongue.

A very neat capability of AllDup is searching for duplicate file within the content of these archives: 7Z, ARJ, CAB, CB7, CBR, CBT, CBZ, EPUB, GZ, ISO, LZH, LHA, NRG, RAR, TAR, ans ZIP

AllDup duplicate file remover has an active forum and a result email support; you can reach them with your questions or requests whenever you need.

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