SoftwareOK ‘s 20 Useful, Efficient and Small Utilities

Windows operating system has so many users and the main reason for this popularity is its easy-to-use interface, good features , and the number of available tools and utilities for it. You can almost do anything with Windows OS and for every feature you are missing, you will find tens of Windows programs and applications.

Whether you’re a newbie or professional user, you will need to install some applications to expand the functionality of Windows. Although many useful Windows software are paid, there are some very useful and free-to-use programs available for Windows. One of the best developers of small, user-friendly, efficient, useful utilities for Windows is SoftwareOK.

SoftwareOK has been developing utilities for Windows OS for more than 20 years and in addition to developing new tools, it adds features to the current applications.

SoftwareOK has developed more than 50 applications already and the number of them are increasing. The main features of these apps are that they are small, free, very useful and user-friendly.

Here we are going to introduce some of these tools briefly to make you familiar with the effective utilities you can install on your Windows for free from this well-known developer.

1. Q-Dir

Q-Dir from SoftwareOK
Q-Dir from SoftwareOK

Q-Dir is a lightweight, fast and good Windows Explorer replacement. You can manage all your files and folders using it. It allows you to open multiple windows at the same time to manage different folders and drives. Q-Dir supports all functions required for a professional Windows user and it could be a perfect alternative for Windows default file explorer.

2. DirPrintOK

DirPrintOK is a tool to print the files and folders in a directory. It lets you search through your files, preview them, export the list of files and folders to different document types such as: XLS, HTML, CSV, TXT and finally print the list.
It supports all kinds of views supported by Windows File Explorer; in addition, it supports the following views too: Tree-List, tree-list-plus, filters and Console.

3. FontViewOK

FontViewOK from SoftwareOK
FontViewOK from SoftwareOK

FontViewOK is a handy Windows tool to give you an overview of all of the fonts you have installed on your PC that you can preview and compare them.
It helps you recall previously used fonts if you have forgotten the name of that and just know how that special font looked like.
FontViewOK is so easy-to-use and anyone can benefit from it. If you are going to choose one of the installed fonts on your computer, this tool is the way to go.

4. MeinPlatz

MeinPlatz is a tool to show the used disk space of your folder and drives in an easy to use and understandable way.

It allows you to open multiple tabs and see the occupied spaces of different drives and folders simultaneously.
In addition to showing size of files and folders, it shows total number of files and percentage analysis too.
You can export the results as different file formats like: XLS file, CSV, TXT and HTML.
You can also group the result in groups based on extension, modification time, size or folders etc. Printing is another possible choice of MeinPlatz tool.

5. DesktopOK

DesktopOK from SoftwareOK
DesktopOK from SoftwareOK

It is common for Windows users to change the position of the desktop icons frequently. It lets you save a favorite icon location for each screen resolution. Using DesktopOK, you can minimize all of the windows on your screen, autosave the Desktop Icon Layout, change Windows Desktop icon size, auto hide and display desktop icons. There are so many other possibilities as well.

6. ProcessKO

ProcessKO is a small, helpful tool for quickly killing current or hanging processes or programs for all Windows computers and laptops. It is available as a portable program and can be used in many different languages.

Another great feature of ProcessKO is letting you create favorite KO’s which is a shortcut for killing the defined applications quickly. It is so useful if one or some of your programs hang frequently.

7. WinBin2Iso

WinBin2Iso from SoftwareOK
WinBin2Iso from SoftwareOK

If you ever wanted to convert BIN and MDFimages to ISO images regardless of their size, WinBin2Iso helps you to do so.

WinBin2Iso converts BIN and MDF files quickly to ISO files and the average speed of conversion is about 1 Gigabyte of information per minute.

WinBin2Iso is available as a portable app and you don’t need to take time to install this application and as soon as you downloaded WinBin2Iso, it’s ready to use.

8. ThisIsMyFile

Many times you want to delete a file or folder and Windows doesn’t allow you to do so and it shows you notifications that this file or folder is being used by other applications.

ThisIsMyFile allows you to quickly and safely delete this kind of files without using much system resources.

To make you sure about the safety of your actions, ThisIsMyFile makes a copy of the files before deleting them in case of needing to restore them.
ThisIsMyFile has options to unlock files, delete them and kill the processes related to that special file.

9. TheAeroClock

TheAeroClock from SoftwareOK
TheAeroClock from SoftwareOK

Aero Clock is a simple, beautiful looking table clock with alpha transparency and various textures for individual needs and occasions.

This highly decorative Alpha Transparency Tools table clock shows the local time on the desktop. The basic functions are: overall transparency, size, setting and selection of the clock texture.

10. Find.Same.Images.OK

Find.Same.Images.OK is a useful graphical tool that allows you to find the similar images and graphics you have on your hard disk. It can find the images even if they are rotated, mirrored and zoomed.

It quickly searches through your hard disk and folders and compares the photos with a good speed. It finds similar images with different formats including: JPEG, PNG, WMF, RAW etc.

11. 3D.Benchmark.OK

3D.Benchmark.OK from SoftwareOK
3D.Benchmark.OK from SoftwareOK

3D.Benchmark.OK is a small and powerful graphic benchmarking application to test the speed and performance of your graphic card. Despite most benchmarking tools, 3D.Benchmark.OK is a beautiful looking app and you enjoy it while it runs benchmarking.

It is useful for testing the newly bought graphic card or when you update your graphic card’s driver and want to check its performance before and after updating the driver. 3D.Benchmark.OK runs the test only in 65 seconds!

12. PhotoResizerOK

PhotoResizerOK is a photo resizing application to reduce the size of images and photos very quickly with least quality loss.

This is a suitable application for both inexperienced and professional users. In addition to reducing image size, it lets you convert different image formats.

PhotoResizerOK can be used to work with all popular image formats and RAW images. It is capable of keeping image information like EXIF and rating.

13. Office.Files.Images

Office.Files.Images from SoftwareOK
Office.Files.Images from SoftwareOK

Office.Files.Images is a very special tool to give you a preview of all images and photos that have been used in Office documents.

It supports many office document formats as: docx, xlsx, pptx, ods, ott etc. It lets you select and reuse images later on.

Office.Files.Images is useful for many occasions; for example, when you don’t have the image file on its own and you are sure that you have used it previously on an office document. This tool helps you overview all those images and reuse them anywhere you want.

14. Film.Strip.Explorer

Film.Strip.Explorer is a tool that allows you to browse through the folders in the film strip view from Windows XP now back in 10!

Film.Strip.Explorer is a file manager, which was developed on the basis of the Quad Explorer. On multiple user requests for the film strip view, you can now use the Film Strip view on Windows 10 and 8.1.

15. DesktopClock3D

DesktopClock3D from SoftwareOK
DesktopClock3D from SoftwareOK

DesktopClock3D is a beautiful and customizable 3D Windows desktop clock with different adjustable fonts, themes.

DesktopClock3D lets you set the transparency level of the clock, choose from multiple available themes, resize the clock, choose optional seconds display, and select analog, digital or 3D clock etc.

16. PointerStick

PointerStick is a tool for displaying a virtual pointer stick on your desktop which can be used for presentations or any other required task.

It highlights the position of the mouse. It is a suitable application for projectors, LED/LCD screens and can be used with PowerPoint presentations too.

The size of the mouse pointer stick is adjustable and it lets you select different textures. You can also activate/deactivate the mouse and keyboard too.

17. DesktopImages3D

DesktopImages3D from SoftwareOK
DesktopImages3D from SoftwareOK

DesktopImages3D displays pictures alternatively in a 3D way to bring you a joyful desktop environment.

DesktopImages3D lets you display your favorite photos regardless of their size in a selected area on your windows desktop.

The transparency of images displayed by DesktopImages3D is adjustable and it has several themes to choose from.

18. WinPing

WinPing is a measurement tool for connections in the local network or internet. WinPing is a useful application for those who have a server because it lets them measure the response times exactly.

WinPing allows you to set multiple options as: host query time, number of pings, time limit for pings and exporting results to HTML file.

19. Delete.On.Reboot

Delete.On.Reboot from SoftwareOK
Delete.On.Reboot from SoftwareOK

Delete.On.Reboot is a small, portable and free application for Windows users that lets them delete undeletable files and folders on Windows restart.

This program is somehow similar to ThisIsMyFile as both of them delete unremovable files and folders but they are different.

You need to use Delete.On.Reboot whenever you can move, copy and do regular tasks with some files or folders but ThisIsMyFile is useful when you can’t copy, move and do other operations with the files.

20. ColorConsole

ColorConsole is a useful application for advanced users to md.exe and Powershell commands in tabs. ColorConsole is designed for users who need to run multiple commands frequently in the Windows command prompt.

It allows users to export results of executed commands to HTML and RTF documents. You can change the font style and color of ColorConsole instead of being forced to use the Windows default command prompt and PowerShell’s color.

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