Tux Paint – the Best Drawing Program for Children

Tux Paint is a completely free, open sourced, and cross-platform drawing tool for children between the ages of 3 to 12. It has an attractive interface for both children and adults!

Being a cross-platform, you can run Tux Paint on multiple operating systems like: Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android. It is a lightweight and hardware-wise painting application with many features; it can be run on almost all old and new computers without lagging and performance issues.

Tux Paint is a well-known drawing application and it is used in many schools around the world. Because of visual and auditory effects, drawing with Tux Paint is fun.

Sample Image Made by Tux Paint
Sample Image Made by Tux Paint

Tux Paint has many drawing tools and all of them are well-designed in a simple-to-use interface with big icons that makes clicking on the drawing tools easy for children. The interface is so clean and user-friendly that anyone can use it at the first use with no need to be trained!

The popularity of Tux Paint made it a global drawing application and it has been translated to more than 125 languages and anyone can benefit from it in their own mother tongue.

Some of the main features of Tux Paint can be listed as below:

  • Different brushes with different functions and if you would like to add more brushes, it is possible!
  • Color picker to choose colors from a painting
  • A big database of photographic and cartoon stamps images and the database can be expanded too.
  • Possibility of adding text or sound descriptions to the stamps
  • Fill areas with different options like: particular color, solid color and radial gradient.
  • Different filled or unfilled polygonal shapes with rotation possibility
  • Different font types, font sizes and font styles (Bold and italic)
  • Magic Feature to add special effects: Blur, Chalk, Drip, Fisheye lenses, Glass Tile, Mosaic, Noise, Puzzle, Silhouette, TV, Cartoon , Color & White, Darken, Lighten, Negative Flipping images, Folding images, Mirroring images, Reflecting images, Shifting and zooming images etc. 
Sample Image Made by Tux Paint
Sample Image Made by Tux Paint

As Tux Paint is designed for children; you may need to have more parental or teacher controls. You are able to have the following controlling options:

  • Run Tux Paint in full-screen mode to prevent accessing other parts of the computer
  • Enabling/Disabling sound effects and printing options
  • Limiting the number of prints to one print per every x minutes
  • Changing the directory for saving the painted images
  • Adding stamps in various supported formats as PNG, SVG, OGG etc.

Tux Paint is totally free for everyone and it doesn’t include any kind of advertisements to bring a safe environment for children to draw paintings and develop their creativity.

You can download Tux Paint from the official website for any operating system you would like to.

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