3 Best Video Editing Software to Replace Windows 10 Movie Maker

Microsoft offers a free movie editing program for Windows called Windows Movie Maker. Many Windows users are used to using this software because of its straightforward and user-friendly layout. It hasn’t been updated in a while, and it won’t be updated again, as it was discontinued in 2017.

Because of this, the editing technology for digital videos is far behind what is now available. Furthermore, downloading this outdated software from unofficial websites might compromise the security and functionality of the newest operating systems.

Although Windows Movie Maker is by far the best free program available, switching to more advanced and user-friendly video editing software would undoubtedly speed up your production.

With so many editing programs on the market, finding the next one can be daunting — especially if you’ve only experienced editing with Windows Movie Maker.

So, here are three excellent Windows Movie Maker substitutes. User-friendly features, sophisticated editing tools, an intuitive user interface, and industry-standard templates are just a few of the characteristics that will render Windows Movie Maker obsolete.

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector Video Editing Software
PowerDirector Video Editing Software

PowerDirector, the video editing software with the biggest market share in some countries, comes with special features and tools. From a Windows PC or mobile device, you can easily produce Hollywood-caliber movies and snippets.

If you have ever used Windows Movie Maker, PowerDirector will be familiar to you. The extensive editing that Movie Maker lacks is available with a user-friendly editing interface and basic actions like drag-and-drop and button clicks.

The four areas of PowerDirector are the Timeline, Media Effects Template Room, Library Window, and Preview Window.

Additionally, as the comparative table below demonstrates, PowerDirector includes a number of tools and capabilities that Windows Movie Maker does not.

Even if you lack confidence in editing, PowerDirector can handle chroma key compositing, adding video filters and graphics, correcting videos, etc. Our library of entirely non-royalty-charged music, images, and videos can help you raise the caliber of your work.

To assist you in maintaining video quality, PowerDirector provides a range of high-definition output formats, including Ultra HD 4K. Additionally, you can save time by instantly posting your films to YouTube and other social media platforms.

PowerDirector is a fantastic replacement for Windows Movie Maker, offering a large range of high-end editing features and a distinctive, user-friendly interface.

With its user-friendly interface, this program enables users of all skill levels to produce high-quality work. Utilizing only the capabilities of PowerDirector’s free edition, you may make any kind of video you choose. As you can see, PowerDirector is the top Windows Movie Maker substitute.

functionWindows movie makerPowerDirector
Basic cutting tool
Storyboard mode
Timeline mode――――
Text & title effectsPartially supportedover 100
Transitions & effectsPartially supportedover 100
Pan & Zoom
Filter / color correction――――
Audio Equalizer & Audio Mixer――――
Picture-in-picture & overlay――――
Video collage designer (split screen)――――
Greenback (chroma key)――――
Video image stabilization
Action camera tools and editing――――
Mask and blend mode――――
Motion tracking――――
Comparison Between Windows Movie Maker and PowerDirector Video Editing Software

2. OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot is a fantastic option worth trying if you’re looking for a simple-to-use, totally free editing tool for Windows. Compared to Windows Movie Maker, this program offers additional functionality, but it has an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface for beginners as well.

Simply drag and drop a video from your file manager into OpenShot to begin editing it there. The playback pane shows a real-time preview of your video, allowing you to edit it with clearly defined templates, tools, and effects.

The editing tools in OpenShot appear fantastic, including text editors, slow motion effects, and 3D animations. Your timeline can include an infinite number of tracks and layers, and you can employ keyframes and frame accuracy for fine-grained editing. The Openshot platform makes it simple to precisely edit your films to your preferences.

You may export the video file in any FFmpeg format after editing. Your well-polished work may be exported from OpenShot to your desktop in an accessible format.

Although OpenShot includes the proper filters and templates, it lacks the sophisticated functionality offered by software like PowerDirector. This program does not have professional features like chroma key, picture-in-picture, or blend mode.

But if you’re switching from Windows Movie Maker, you’re utilizing cutting-edge, expert-level tools that give you all the functionality you want without overly complicating the user interface. For novices, the OpenShot workspace is an excellent option because it isn’t scary.

You can read the full review of OpenShot video editing software.

Strong Points:

  • Basic editing functions for cutting and combining videos.
  • Simplicity of use

Cons: Disadvantages:

  • Certain basic functions can be

3. VideoStudio Pro

VideoStudio Pro Video Editing Software
VideoStudio Pro Video Editing Software

For a very long time, Corel’s VideoStudio Pro has been a well-known video editing software on the market. This program has all the capabilities a novice needs to make video projects.

VideoStudio Pro provides a variety of capabilities in addition to the fundamental trimming tools, like 360-degree editing, lens correction, clever proxy editing, etc.

It offers basic color correction, a wealth of cinematic filters to change the look of your video, and a LUT profile to help with color grading of your clips.

A multicam function in VideoStudio Pro allows you to combine recordings from many cameras as well. Although this capability is more complex than other software’s multicam feature, it is handy when filming with numerous cameras.

Even novice users who have never used other editing software may get started with VideoStudio Pro right away since it features a distinctive operating interface that is simple to recall. This program is a choice to take into account if you’re seeking the essential editing tools.

As was already noted, VideoStudio Pro offers all the fundamental features of typical editing software, and once you buy it, you may continue using it without having to make any more payments. However, it always gets better as more content is produced. It’s not something you can do, so you need to consider that.

Strong Points:

  • Operability for beginners
  • A unique and simple interface

Cons: Disadvantages:

  • There are a few functions for intermediate users and above.
  • No auxiliary learning content.
  • Updates are infrequent.

Why you need a replacement video editing software for Windows Movie Maker

For many years, Windows Movie Maker served as a simple video editing software. However, as the use of video editing increased, businesses started to produce cutting-edge, user-friendly editing programs that outperformed Windows Movie Maker.

Windows Movie Maker’s comfort and simplicity of use have been appreciated by many Windows users.
Windows Movie Maker was pre-installed on Windows PCs for a very long time, specifically.

With straightforward installation procedures and hundreds more features and tools than Movie Maker, many contemporary software programs, however, are just as simple to use.

On contemporary Windows devices, Windows Movie Maker is no longer accessible for download.
In 2017, we switched to a basic video editing software tool that was integrated into the Windows Photos app.

In other words, Windows hasn’t updated the Movie Maker software, so it’s expected that performance will decline over time.

Although Windows Movie Maker includes a ton of helpful features and filters, it is less functional than the most recent software available online, and novices find it challenging to utilize its old, slow-performing interface. maybe.

Why not get more user-friendly and potent software like PowerDirector, OpenShot, and VideoStudio Pro if you’re still a fan of Windows Movie Maker?


Windows Movie Maker is no longer relevant. We should think about replacing this application with newer, easier-to-use solutions that are compatible with the most recent editing tools.

When compared to Windows Movie Maker, PowerDirector, OpenShot, and VideoStudio Pro, they provide several benefits. PowerDirector is comprehensive, OpenShot provides simple, entry-level capabilities, and VideoStudio Pro includes all the sophisticated tools required to produce high-quality video.

Let’s compare the price of each program; supported formats; availability of stock library; video effects; ease of use; and so on.

softWindows movie makerPowerDirectorOpenShotCorel VideoStudio Pro
pricefreeFree / paidfreePaid
Supported formatsWMV, AVI, MPEG, MOVSD, HD, 4K MP4, MKV, FLV, MPEG 1/2, WMV, AVI, MOV, AVCHD, 360 Video, Dolby Digital audioMP4, WebM, AVCHD, HEVCAVC, AVI, HEVC2, M2T, MOV3, MPEG-1 / -2 / -4
Royalty-free stock material――――Videos, photos, music――――――――
Video effectsPartially supportedPartially supported
ease of use――――
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