Best 9 Recommended Free Video Editing Software

In this post, we’ll show you how to choose the right software and features for those who want to start video editing right away, such as for wedding films or YouTube videos. We’ll also go over 10 free video editing software options that you may utilize on your computer.

Free video editing software that allows you to easily start video production

The number of individuals posting videos to YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms has risen recently, and video creation has become more common. Video editing has grown increasingly popular now that you can shoot beautiful films with your smartphone, such as generating videos for wedding celebrations and editing footage recorded at vacation spots.

However, because purchasing expensive software is a significant financial investment, I’d want to begin with free editing software. In this essay, I will discuss video editing software that is available for free.

We’ll show you how to generate high-quality films for free with video editing software that even novices can use, and we’ll explain the points of selection in plain English. Check it out if you want to start video editing right away or if you’re looking for simple video editing software.

If you want to start video production, start with free video editing software

Free Video Editing Software
Free Video Editing Software

Video editing software is a must-have for video production. By trimming the video, adding BGM, and so on, you may make a single piece of content.

Paid editing software allows for more complex editing, but it is prohibitively expensive for individuals who have not used it in a long time. As a result, if you’re thinking about presenting it right away, start with “free video editing software” that can be altered with simple capabilities.

Please utilize free video editing software to gain a feel for the basics of video editing, whether you are a novice who is just getting started with video editing or you are serious about it.

What functions do you need to edit videos such as YouTube?

Many people produce movies during weddings and congratulatory parties, but many more people want to edit YouTube videos.

These features are available in premium software, although free software is also fully functional.

Because wedding films do not require extensive editing, and because they are frequently watched by relatives and friends, simple functionalities are adequate. Video editing on YouTube is separated between those who want complex editing and those who want simple editing, depending on the genre of the video.

You can make a video with the aforementioned basic features at first, but once you’ve mastered them, attempt sophisticated editing with premium software.

Key points for choosing free video editing software

Next, let’s see how to choose free video editing software. There are multiple free video editing software on the net, so many people don’t know what to do. Here, we will introduce various selection methods.

  • It is simple to use, even for beginners
  • Format Support
  • Compatible with your PC
  • Highly reliable with many users

It is simple to use, even for beginners

Easy to Use Video Editing Software
Easy to Use Video Editing Software

When choosing a free video editing software for beginners, the most important thing is “is it easy to handle, even for beginners?” Many video editors have multiple functions. For beginners who do not require advanced editing, it may not be possible to use it well because it is difficult to operate if there are too many functions.

There are several free programs that are easy to operate and intuitive to operate, so if you just want to be able to do basic editing, choose one with simple functions. If it is popular software, manuals and usage are posted on the net, so check that point as well.

Format Support

When using free video editing software, it is also important to check “supported formats”. There is no problem if the software supports many formats, but if there are few, there is a possibility that there is no format you want to use.

For example, when uploading to YouTube,

  • MPEG4
  • MP4
  • AVI

It is necessary to convert to video formats according to your requirements.

Recently, I sometimes edit high-quality videos, such as 4K. Check if it supports reading, editing, and exporting 4K videos. We also recommend checking the formats that can be uploaded, such as the site you want to use.

Compatible with your PC

The ease of editing video varies greatly depending on the OS and specifications of the computer you use. By choosing the software that suits your computer, you can edit videos comfortably, so be sure to check it carefully.


First and foremost, the “PC OS” must be considered while selecting applications. The operating system, which comprises Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, is the backbone of a personal computer. Even if you locate software with amazing features, you won’t be able to use it unless it’s compatible with your computer’s operating system.

Some software is compatible with all operating systems, while many others are only compatible with one. Before purchasing software, double-check that it is compatible with Windows or Mac.


Check the “specs” of your machine while selecting video editing software. Video editing is frequently time-consuming, and if the parameters are inadequate, it may not function correctly or slow down.

Especially when the CPU is “Core i5” or less, multifunctional software often does not work properly, so we recommend software that has a reputation for being light. The apps installed by default are often easy to operate, so check in advance.

Highly reliable with many users

Some free video editing software might be infected with viruses or hacked. Choose and install trustworthy software.

It might be tough to know when to pick, but software with a large number of users and a lot of information on the internet is extremely dependable and low-risk. The program that has a premium version is recommended in particular because of its great stability and functionality.

Please feel free to use the software listed below because it is safe.

9 Best Free Video Editing Software

1. Lightworks

It is a video editing program that is used by both amateurs and experts. Although it is free, it includes a large number of photographs and is simple to use. It’s useful since it can handle video files with high resolution.

Despite the free version, it also enables YouTube uploading, which is a good feature. It takes some practice to get used to, but you can achieve high-quality results.

2. iMovie

iMovie Video Editing Software
iMovie Video Editing Software

iMovie is a video editing program included with Mac OS X. The most important characteristic is that the operation is straightforward and intuitive.

Various templates, such as movie trailer videos and short movies, are included in the standard version, so being able to change them simply is a plus.

It works with both iOS and Mac devices, including the iPhone and iPad, and data sharing is allowed. It’s also appealing because it’s simple to alter. If you’re a Mac user, please give it a try. It can handle basic cuts, transitions, and more.

3. Windows Movie Maker

Windows includes video editing applications by default. Why not try it once if you want to start editing videos but want to have a feel for it first? It is simple to use and safe, making it ideal for anyone learning the fundamentals of video editing.

In terms of functionality, it isn’t multipurpose, but it is simple and ideal for learning fundamental functions. You can quickly edit with the automated video editing option by just picking the video or photo editor you wish to utilize. 

4. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos Video Editing Software
Microsoft Photos Video Editing Software

This software is similar to Windows Movie Maker, but it is also a video editing program that can only be used on Windows. It comes pre-installed on Windows, so you can get started with video editing right away.

It is technically not video editing software, but rather picture management software that has basic video editing features. There are a lot of template materials to choose from, and you can easily alter them. Recommended for individuals who wish to practice fundamental operations quickly.

5. Avidemux

software for video editing on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It is simple to use and run, and because it is a popular piece of software, there is a lot of information available on the Internet. Basic operations like basic cutting and encoding are also available, as is some full-scale video editing.

It’s also appealing because it’s easy and the video is light, so if you’re concerned about your computer’s requirements, give it a shot.

6. Shotcut

Shotcut Video Editing Software
Shotcut Video Editing Software

It is high-end video editing software for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. software that can perform the majority of video editing tasks while remaining fully free. You may utilize features like telop insertion and reverse video playback, as well as edit and crop videos.

It also enables 4K video editing and has a wide range of compatible formats. It may be used in a variety of settings, including YouTube and Twitter. Because of its multi-functionality, it will take some time to get used to the operation, but once you do, you can do sophisticated editing. Thus, it is also suggested for people who wish to undertake full-scale editing.

7. OpenShot Video Editor

video editing software that is simple to use and straightforward to run. It is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS, which is a wonderful feature because you are not bound by the operating system. Advanced editing features like effects and title editors are also available.

It is simple to use and straightforward, making it suitable even for novices, and highly recommended. However, because this is high-performance software, the requirements of the personal computer are necessary to some extent. Please check the parameters of your machine before downloading if you want to edit comfortably.

You can read the full review of Openshot the free video editor software.

8. VideoProc

VideoProc Video Editing Software
VideoProc Video Editing Software

video editing software with a comprehensive set of fundamental capabilities. The operation is also intuitive, making it simple to use even for newcomers. It has most of the essential features, such as compression, filtering, color, and format conversion, and its multi-functionality, which does not appear to be free, is appealing.

Because the functions are also arranged in the toolbox, even with several functions, it is simple for beginners to use. This program does, however, have a premium version, and the trial version has restricted functionality and time. Try the trial edition after learning the basics using “Windows Movie Maker” and similar programs, and if you like it, upgrade to the commercial version.

9. DaVinci Resolve

It’s a video editing software with powerful features that even pros can use. For precise and extensive editing, you may choose between color, effect, and audio editing. It is also recommended for individuals who share and produce since each portion may work on the same project.

Although it is foreign software, it also supports Japanese, and while there is a premium version, the free version has the majority of the features. It’s a popular program, so having a wealth of material on the internet is a plus.

Some free video editing software will display the company logo

Some free video editing software displays company logos, etc., and many people may be concerned when uploading to YouTube. As a feature of software that displays the company logo, most companies are developing paid software. Completely free software is often not displayed.

Among the recommendations introduced this time, the software that does not display the logo completely free of charge is as follows.

  • iMovie
  • Windows movie maker
  • Windows photo
  • Avidemux
  • shotcut
  • OpenShot Video Editor

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