9 Best Word Prediction Software

You may wonder why you need to install word prediction software on your Windows or any other operating system you are using.

The necessity of using Word prediction tools is more obvious for users that have a lot to type for their work, university, or any other application, while they don’t have much time to repeat the same words and sentences again and again. 

If you have a lot to type each day, you probably have thought about using software that can learn the words and sentences you are using repeatedly. This kind of software is available today, especially with the advances that have been made in AI technology. This software is more accurate and gives you a good typing experience.

It happens so many times that you are typing a text, emailing your friend, or writing a book or an article, and you would like a way to help you write the words and sentences easily and faster without needing to retype the common words that you use in your typing pattern.

You would like a piece of software or a tool that predicts the words you are going to type to help you type faster.

You also like it so that you can correct the wrong words for you and correct the sentences you wrote grammatically.

In addition to all these features, you would like to have control over the suggestions these tools give. For example, maybe you need to speed up or slow down the suggestions they offer.

There are numerous tools and software available to assist you in composing your writing faster and accomplishing more in less time. With the advancement of AI technology, it should be easier to predict words and learn the patterns of their writing.

Some of these tools help you to correct the mistakes you have made during writing automatically without needing to go back and recheck the text.

Some of the introduced tools in this list give you the option of using a visual keyboard so that you can use them to help you predict the words and write them without having an actual physical keyboard.

The main benefit of using this software is predicting the words and not correcting them, because for correction, there are some other better tools that you can use, although these tools offer a minimum number of corrections as well.

List of the best Word Prediction Tools

1. Lightkey

Lightkey - Word Prediction Software
Lightkey – Word Prediction Software

This is the best word prediction software available today to help you write faster. It works by learning the style of your writing and predicting the words and even sentences.

After it learns the style of your writing, it can predict the next words and even more than 10 words.

It helps you write faster by showing you their predicted words so you can choose them to be inserted into your text.

It supports common text formats such as TXT and RTF, as well as image formats such as JPG and PNG. Files that have one of these formats can be opened using this word prediction software, or they can be saved to either of these formats.

This powerful word prediction software can be used alongside so many other applications and famous tools like Gmail, WhatsApp, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.

Basically, this word prediction software consists of several categories for predicting the text. For example, it categorizes the subjects as: technology, entertainment, academic, medical, etc. to give you better predictions according to the type of text you are writing.

There are some other tools defined in this great word prediction software. For example, the user has the option to enable or disable spell check, multiword prediction, neural network prediction, and some other options that are all designed to help users have a better and faster writing experience.

As mentioned before, the prediction calibration is a great feature in this word prediction tool, and you can change the speed of typing and predicting boards from average to ultrafast or other levels according to your requirements.

Another interesting feature of this word prediction software is that it gives you an accurate statistic about the types of words you have had so far. For example, it gives you the average daily words that you’ve typed, the average number of words that you have written per minute, the number of horses that this tool has offered you so far to help you speed up your writing, etc.

2. ClaroSpeak

This is a word prediction software that is available for multiple versions of Windows, like Windows 10 and Windows 11, in addition to having support for other operating systems like iOS, Android, and MacOS.

The main feature of this software is converting text to speech, and the mechanism is very simple. You provide this software with text, and it converts it to speech, which you can then save in popular audio file formats.

In addition to being able to convert text to speech, this software can be used as a word prediction tool too. When you open the text editor of this piece of software and start typing your text in the editor, it predicts the next word for you.

It also allows you to see the meaning of that predicted word directly from the dictionary.

You can save the converted text to the speech to audio files, or as an alternative, if you use this software as a word prediction tool, you can use the written text in popular text formats like DOCX, PDF, RTF, and etc.

This software supports a wide variety of languages, including English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and a few more.

3. Ghotit

Ghotit - Word Prediction Software
Ghotit – Word Prediction Software

People with dyslexia and dysgraphia can use Ghotit Quick Spell Word Prediction to help them write text fast and properly. 

It’s for folks who have trouble typing or misspellings that are based on phonetics. The program correctly anticipates the words that are meant. 

Even if the initial letters of a word are written incorrectly, the first typed letters of each word are instantly corrected.

Ghotit Quick-Spell Word prediction blends grammatical awareness with phonetic and contextual algorithms. 

All Ghotit products contain a prediction function that works on PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Quick-Spell Word-Prediction is available in all Ghotit applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

The word prediction function integrates reading aloud technology for each word and its meaning.

4. DiCom word prediction

Another word prediction software that can be used for predicting the words that you’re typing is It works by predicting the other characters of a word that you are typing. For example, if you type TEC, it predicts technology, technically, technical, and some other words that start with TEC for you.

The other way that this tool helps you is by giving you options for the words that you need to use. It gives you word choices.

When you start this program, it goes to the system tray, and after that, wherever you want to type something, for example, in your internet browser, Word document, or any other place, it gives you a list of suggested words that you can employ in your writing.

For example, it allows you to customize the look of predictions, for example, text color, font, background color, and other characteristics of the list of words.

It is a free and open-source portable software that can be used on multiple versions of Windows, from Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11.

5. Typing Assistant

Typing assistant - Word Prediction Software
Typing assistant – Word Prediction Software

Word prediction software is a tool that improves a user’s typing speed and accuracy by “predicting” and “auto-completing” words that the user wishes to type in an intelligent way using the most advanced technologies.

All programs, including word processors and web browsers, are compatible with the majority of word prediction software, including the Typing Assistant word prediction program.

It will learn the user’s typing history and predict phrases based on their frequency and recent use. The self-learning function improves word prediction as you use it more! After some time, the desired phrase will usually emerge as the first (or second) choice.

The user can even import a language that is specifically adapted to his needs. As a consequence, the Typing Assistant’s word prediction tool allows even the most experienced typists to type faster by both predicting the words they want to type and correcting the probable mistyped words.

6. EZDictionary

This tool can actually be used as a language learning tool and can be used for learning new languages too.

It allows you to have flashcards and review them for learning new vocabulary, and it has a video player that can be used for playing movies with two subtitles at the same time in two different languages.

Although the main purpose of this software is to learn new languages, it can still be used as a word prediction tool too. For example, when you start typing a word into this tool, it gives you suggestions for the next word.

For any word that you type into this tool, it gives you a list of related words, definitions, etc.

7. GazeSpeaker – Speaking with the eyes

GazeSpeaker - Word Prediction Software
GazeSpeaker – Word Prediction Software

It is another free and open-source piece of software that was originally developed to help disabled people communicate better with their environment.

It supports 28 languages and has a text-to-speech feature to convert text to sound. It is also capable of reading web pages for disabled people, in addition to reading ebooks in PDF and HTML format for them.

It is a virtual keyboard that is capable of predicting and suggesting words. You can use this software in the notepad tool too.

8. Presage

It’s a free and intelligent word prediction software that uses techniques for predicting natural language. It works by predicting the next words and suggesting them according to the highest probability of those words.

It can be used as a plug-in for the popular Notepad++ text editor software.

9. Clicker 8

It is another useful word prediction tool for children that can predict and suggest words based on the context of the writing. By using this tool, your children are able to use more new and unused words in their writings, thus expanding the vocabulary used in their writings.

This learning tool helps your children to have more words in their writing and make fewer spelling and grammar mistakes.

After the writing has been started by your children, this program gives them a list of the words they can use. In this case, the kids are able to learn new words by looking at them and using them.

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