List of 9 Best Email Tracking Software

Email marketing is one of the best strategies for companies to keep current customers and also attract more new customers for their business.

Everyday, thousands of emails are sent by companies hoping to attract more customers, but a high percentage of those emails are wasted because no one actually opens them, reads them, or clicks on the links in them.

It’s not like before, when you sent an email and you could be sure that most of the recipients would open that email and click on the content. So many sperm are being sent these days, and most people prefer not to open emails from people they don’t know the sender.

So it’s very important to track the emails you send to see if they convert to money for you.

Email marketing is very important for companies because they want to see how many customers they have, how many current customers like their services, and how many new customers they can attract. So it’s an unavoidable part of business these days.

Fortunately, there is email tracking software that allows you to track every little detail of the emails you send to your customers. Using this software, you can see how many people open your emails and how many of them click on the links that are within the content of the emails.

Tracking documents is so useful for you because you can follow how people interact with your emails.

In this article, we are trying to give you the list of the best email tracking software that enables you to track your emails efficiently and grow your business easily using them.

What is Email Tracking Software and How Can It Assist You?

Now it’s not like that you send an email and then forget it, and before that, recipients open that email, click on the links, and so on. You definitely need some method to track the emails you have sent.

If you don’t use email tracking software, you should guess the recipients who are potential customers. You should send emails to a lot of users and see how they react to your emails. and it’s not easy to make correct guesses.

Many email tracking software programs allow you to forget about all other methods of guessing potential new customers and recurring customers.

Email tracking software probably does much more than you think. The features of email tracking software are not limited to showing the percentage of recipients that opened the emails.

What Are the Features of Email Tracking Software?

The functionality of email tracking software is only available after you send an email. Before using this kind of software, you have to do it after you have sent the emails. However, you have only recently begun using them after sending the emails.

Email tracking software has a lot of advantages, and some of the most important features are as below:

  • It’s interesting to see how many of your emails have been opened by customers.
  • tracking how many of them clicked on the links you included in the body of your emails

How Does Email Tracking Software Work? 

When you use an email tracking software, it puts an invisible pixel into your email that your recipients don’t see, but it has a lot of functions. It can exactly track all the things that are happening within the emails.

When the recipients of the emails open your emails, this tracking pixel sends you notification that your email has been opened or viewed. It’s already a big step towards finding the potential customers or the people that like to receive emails from you.

But the features of email tracking software are not limited here; most of them are able to track if a click has been made on the links you put in your emails. This works by putting your links into a tracking URL code. and whenever someone clicks on those links, you will receive a notification about that.

So, we can say that email tracking software is being used to notify you about the emails you sent to the customers. They allow you to track both the opening of the email and the content of it.

Another great future of email tracking software is that you will understand if a user deletes your email or marks it as spam. So, in this case, you can ignore sending more emails to those customers because they no longer want to receive emails from you.

So email tracking stuff. There is a complete suite for you to understand how your customers interact with your business.

Some of this email tracking software allows you to gather a list of the customers that like to receive emails from you and open them. So you can only send emails to those who really want to receive emails from you.

This kind of tracking helps you to refine your emails and make them better according to the tastes of your customers. Using email tracking software, you can understand how your customers react to the different types of emails you send to them.

For example, maybe they like one format of email more than the others. So in this case, you can only send them emails in the format they like to receive.

All these features may seem simple to you, but they are really important for growing and keeping your business.

What Are the Benefits of Using Email Tracking Software?

When you can track how your customers interact with your emails, it has a lot of benefits for you. You’ll save money and don’t waste your time and resources sending emails to those who don’t like to receive emails from you, and all your focus will be on the customers that love your email and want to continue working with your business and using your services.

If you send an email to customers that don’t like them and they mark them as spam, it’s not good for your brand at all.

You just need to send an email once, and after that, you can track all the potential customers and separate them from those who are not going to work with your business. This kind of filtering helps a lot. It helps stop wasting your resources and focus more on the potential clients.

With the statistics that email tracking software gives you, you can have good information about how your customers interact with your business. By combining all of this data, you can get a good picture of how your company is doing.

Email tracking software also allows you to have a history of the reopened emails. So you can understand how much your emails were attractive to some users that reopened your emails.

If you have deep statistics about how your customers interact with your emails, after a while you will have a good list of loyal customers that use your services repeatedly, and you can focus on them and offer them more attractive offers to encourage them to use your services more and more.

You can also use email tracking software to obtain statistics on the best time for your customers to receive emails from you. can see the time they opened your emails and send them emails at that time later on to get more views and clicks on your links.

You can also use email tracking software for other purposes too. For example, you could be a boss at the company and you want to see if all of your colleagues have opened and read the emails you have sent to them.

Email tracking software allows you to have accurate information about the goodness of your emails and offers that you make to your customers. If you don’t use email tracking software, finding out this information is almost impossible.

What are the Properties of Good Email Tracking Software?

There are so many men’s tracking software out there, and you should choose them according to your requirements.

Some of them might be good for someone else, but not for you. You should pick one of them based on your needs.

You should make sure that the email tracking software you are going to use is compatible with the Redeemer services your clients are using. For instance, he might use an email tracking software that is more compatible with Gmail than with Yahoo email.

So you should always make sure that the email tracking software you’re going to use is the best choice for you according to your client’s preferred services.

Although most email tracking software is compatible with most popular email services, you still need to be wise about choosing the right software.

You should also choose your email tracking software according to your needs. Maybe you don’t need some of the services they provide, but maybe you do. For example, maybe you just need open tracking and click tracking. Some of them provide more services than just open and click tracking.

If you need more services, you should opt for a software that has those capabilities, but if you just need open and click tracking, you should save your money by choosing a software that offers only the services that are usually cheaper.

Some of the email tracking software offers detailed statistics, and all of that information can be collected over time, so you can have a better overview of your loyal potential customers and separate them from those customers that are not going to use your services anymore.

Good email tracking software should also be able to give you features so that you can have personalized conversations and opportunities for each of your clients. In this case, your customers think they are valuable to you, and you contact them individually, which makes them more loyal to your services.

When you want to choose an email tracking software, be sure that the privacy policy of this software is what you need and want. No one likes to use services that are not private.

You should go for an email tracking software that is suitable for you according to the money you are going to pay for it. There is some free email tracking software, but it usually limits the number of emails and tracking you can use.

If you have a small number of customers, you can use the free version of this email tracking software. But if you need something more professional and you have a large community of customers, you should pay for it. But it’s still important to see what your requirements are.

If you need basic tracking features, that would be cheaper, but if you need professional tracking, that would be more expensive.

In this article, we are going to give you some of the best email tracking software that you can use to expand your business and attract more customers for your services.

For each of the services, you can see their tracking properties and supported email clients so that you can choose them wisely.

List of 10 Best Email Tracking Software

1. Mailtrack (Free)

Mailtrack - Email Tracking Software
Mailtrack – Email Tracking Software

Mailtrack is a free service that is used by more than a million users around the world, and it’s a good choice if you need basic tracking features. 

It provides you with open tracking and click tracking. It supports Gmail very well, and it can be integrated into the Gmail interface too.

Mailtrack for Gmail provides a filtering option that allows you to see only unread emails in your sent mail folder. It makes it much easier to stay on top of your Gmail inbox’s email messages.

2. SalesHandy (Free)

If you are going to use a free email tracking software that is compatible with the Gmail service, it’s a good option for you. It allows you to have an unlimited number of tracks.

If you are going to create new email templates for your emails, it’s a good service to use.

The free version of this email tracking software supports Gmail, and if you want support for the Outlook email service, you should go for the premium version.

3. RightInbox

RightInbox - Email Tracking Software
RightInbox – Email Tracking Software

Another great email tracking software for Gmail that has both open and click tracking as well as a lot of templates to choose from. It also offers you an email schedule link and follow-up reminders.

With RightInbox, you can write emails when it’s convenient for you and have them sent when it’s convenient for your receivers.

You may schedule emails based on the recipient’s time zone to guarantee that they arrive on time.


It’s great email tracking software that integrates well with popular email services like Gmail and Outlook, and you can use it to track the emails you send to your customers.

CirrusInsight keeps an eye on salespeople’s inboxes and syncs their emails with the appropriate contact or lead in Salesforce. 

You’re never more than a click away from your next customer workflow thanks to the sidebar and mobile UI. CirrusInsight helps you improve your workflow, whether it’s tracking an email, task, or call in Salesforce, managing your sync settings, or sharing your calendar.

5. Streak

Streak - Email Tracking Software
Streak – Email Tracking Software

The server supports Gmail and has CRM capabilities for tracking, which is excellent.

Streak is a fully integrated workflow (CRM) and productivity software for Gmail that allows you to manage all of your work from the comfort of your inbox. Streak frequently replaces complete CRMs and includes a range of email power capabilities, such as email tracking.

information about your contacts, tasks, etc., in your email and pocket with Streak.

6. Mixmax

This email tracking software has a lot of capabilities like open and click tracking as well as additional features like scheduling, email polling, and others, which help you have good statistics about the emails you send to your customers.

With our email tracking software for Gmail, you’ll know when someone opens your message with real-time Google email monitoring and notifications. It is possible to send a message to a group of people and track who opened your message so you can respond quickly.

Know who opens your email, what they’re reading, and how engaged they are over time using the click tracking service of Mixmax email tracking software.

You can also create the ideal follow-up campaign with information on each recipient available in a convenient sidebar.

7. Yesware

Yesware - Email Tracking Software
Yesware – Email Tracking Software

Another perfect email tracking software that works perfectly well with Gmail and Outlook.

Yesware provides a comprehensive set of tools for you to quickly track the emails, test what works and what doesn’t, and share the data with the rest of the team so they can get better results faster.

You can either manually organize your outreach or use spreadsheets to drag down your sales staff, which should be focused on creating connections and completing transactions.

Clients of Yesware can see if prospects have received and opened their emails, as well as whether or not they should follow up.

8. Mailchimp

It’s the most popular email tracking software that is being used by millions of users around the world, and it has a lot of features and capabilities.

It includes features such as open and click monitoring, as well as A/B testing. Although it is a fantastic service, if you do not like to utilize it, there are many other options available, which are described below.

Mailchimp is used by millions of organizations around the world to create and deliver emails that reach the right people, improve connections, and generate revenue and growth for their businesses.

Send the appropriate messages to the right people through the right channels. From a single location, you can create emails, social advertisements, landing sites, postcards, and more.

Automated communications that reach your clients at the right time using Mailchimp email tracking software.

9. Gmelius

Gmelius - Email Tracking Software
Gmelius – Email Tracking Software

If you want a good email tracking software that works perfectly fine with Gmail, you can go for the service. It’s not free, but it has great tracking possibilities.

In addition to open and click tracking, this great email tracking software offers you email scheduling.

It only supports Gmail tracking. If your customers are using other email services than Gmail, you should not use this software and you should choose another tracking software.

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