Firefox 108 Supports Windows 11’s Efficiency Mode

Version 108 of the Firefox browser was released with a focus on fixing security issues and supporting Web MIDI API and Windows 11 efficiency mode.

Mozilla is definitely looking for new revenue streams and the development of Firefox continues with the aim of making this browser a powerful alternative to Google Chrome and its Chromium engine.

Firefox 108 offers several new features. Web pages can now control the behavior of embedded JavaScript code by default. This update also supports Windows 11’s efficient mode; A feature that reduces the energy consumption of processes related to background tabs.

Surely, this feature will be very useful for laptops. In the new version of Firefox, you can access the Process Manager section of the browser with the shortcut Shift+Esc.

This feature is actually a solution to quickly identify processes that use a lot of system resources. The load timing has also been improved in this update and can have an effect in improving the overall performance of the browser. This feature will also help you score better in the MotionMark graphics benchmark.


Other changes in Firefox 108 include support for Web MIDI. Using a JavaScript-based API, this browser creates a bridge between the music standard of the last few decades, MIDI, compatible musical instruments, and the web world.

According to TechSpot, the new Firefox also supports color correction of images tagged with the ICCv4 profile and non-English characters when saving and printing PDF forms. Eight medium to high level security flaws have also been fixed in this update.

After the release of Firefox 108, Mozilla had to release another minor update with version number 108.0.1 to fix a problem. This issue caused users to reset their default search engine when upgrading to version 108.

As always, the latest version of Firefox is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. You can visit Mozilla’s official website to download this update.

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