Mem Reduct – an Efficient Memory Management Application

It is a common issue for Windows users, especially later versions of Windows like Windows 11, to face low memory resources after you open many programs. This issue will not be fixed even when you close the program and exit it totally; so you will face a low speed problem and you need to restart your computer to fix this issue. However, you can’t always restart your computer because maybe you are running an application that is still in process.

This issue has a fix and there are some tools that help you empty some of the RAM and increase available physical memory. One of them is Mem Reduct.

Mem Reduct is an effective, simple-to-use and lightweight program to reduce memory usage for Windows users. 

The simplicity of this program makes it a very suitable choice for both very beginner and experienced users. To get the benefit of Mem Reduct, you just need to click!

The interface is so clean and only includes useful information without having complex useless information. When you open Mem Reduct, it shows available and used amounts of both physical memory and virtual memory.

To increase available memory and reduce the amount of RAM used by Mem Reduct, you just need to click on the Clean Memory button and it immediately cleans the memory.

Mem Reduct Application
Mem Reduct Application

Mem Reduct even makes it easier for you to clean up the RAM of your computer by automatic memory management feature which gives you two different options.

One option is clean RAM after the amount of used RAM reaches a certain level i.e. 90% and the other possible option is cleaning up RAM intervalley after a user-defined minutes. In this case Mem Reduct automatically cleans up the RAM after every x minutes.

Mem Reduct’s icon can be implemented in the system tray easily and it shows the amount of used RAM all the time for you. It can be configured to show warning and danger notifications too. Both warning and danger levels can be set by the user. 

The warning level amount is lower than the danger level (the default value is 60%). It indicates that your RAM is going to become full and the danger level (which the default value is 90%) says that your RAM reached the amount you set and it needs to be emptied right now.

Mem Reduct's Tray Icon Settings
Mem Reduct’s Tray Icon Settings

Another interesting feature of putting Mem Reduct’s icon in the system tray is enabling you to clean up the memory by right-clicking on the clean memory item icon without needing to open the application’s interface anymore.

Just try this software once to see for yourself how it can handle the memory management and how the amount of memory occupied by different processes will be significantly reduced. You can download Mem Reduct from the official website.

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