Top Best Chrome Adblockers & Popup Blockers (2022)

Nowadays people use the Internet for almost every aspect of their lives on a daily basis. Shopping, getting information, communicating with friends and family members and etc. is all done using the net. Most of these can not be achieved unless you use a browser. There are tens of web browsers and some of them are much more popular. Chrome browser is one of them. It’s so popular that many other browsers are based on Google Chrome.

One of the main reasons Chrome is so famous is due to its wide range of extensions. Users customize and personalize their web surfing experience according to their needs and taste. Adblockers are the most demanded extensions.

Is it ethical to use Adblockers?

Using adblocker is a controversial subject between internet users and web owners. While webmasters believe that they need to compensate some of the costs of running their services by placing advertisements on their pages, some users don’t like to see ads and prefer to see webpages without any advertisement.

One the other hand, some believe that it’s better not to use adblockers to help authentic content creators to be able to continue their services. It is a fact that content creators will be more enthusiastic to provide better and newer information to visitors when they earn money for the time they have spent for researching and writing the content.

Anyway it is a controversial topic and every side has their own justification for/against. So if you are against ads, keep up reading. The need of adblocking for surfing the web could be fulfilled using adblockers.

What is an Adblocker?

An adblocker is a piece of software that prevents showing advertisements on internet pages. In most cases adblockers have a database of the websites they want to block their content (advertisements) and a list of websites that they allow loading scripts from them. Whenever a visitor opens a page, at fist an adblocker processes and looks for scripts on that page and if the scripts and its database are matched, it automatically blocks that script. It is believed that using an adblocker can increase the speed of website loading as less content is needed to be delivered to visitor but the difference is neglectable.

What are the best Google Chrome’s Adblockers?

There are hundreds of adblockers for Chrome browser. The concept behind most of chrome adblockers is the same and many of them work almost the same, and the main difference between them is their ability to detect different kinds of ads and their database. As no one can test all of them, we have done that for you and in this article best Chrome adblocker extensions are introduced so you can select your desired one. Here is the list of top best Chrome adblocker extensions.

1. AdBlock

Adblock chrome adblocker xtension
Adblock chrome Extension

Adblock extension has more than 65,000,000 users around the world and it is able to block most of the ads including pop-up ads and it offers you different options.

  • FREE for Google Chrome and Safari browsers
  • $20 yearly or $50 one time payment for Android
  • $40 yearly or $100 one time payment for Windows users (PC)
  • If you want to use this adblocker on both your Android device and Windows computer, you can get it for $30 per a year or $75 lifetime

Adblock doesn’t allow you to whitelist any website and the android version is not listed in Google Play Store ( It’s not a good idea to install apps which are not listed in Google Play Store).

2. Adblock Plus – free ad blocker

Adblock plus is a free and open-source Chrome adblocker and it can block ads and pop-ups. One good feature is that you can customize the extension so that it behaves accordingly as you may want to spare some websites and define acceptable ads. In case you are concerned about your privacy, it needs the following permissions:

  • Read and change all your data on all websites
  • Display notifications

Keep in mind that Adblock and Adblock Plus are two different extensions that are similar in many ways but ‘Adblock plus’ lets you define an allow list to see ads from the websites you would like to.

If you need to block all ads of any website using Adblock Plus, you can follow this steps:

  • click the Adblock Plus then click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of Chrome Browser
  • In the General tab, uncheck the box labeled Allow Acceptable Ads

3. Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

Ghostery Privacy Chrome Ad Blocker
Ghostery Privacy Ad Blocker

The best and the most comprehensive chrome adblocker regarding privacy is Ghostery. It blocks ads and defends your privacy against trackers. The only permission this extension needs is reading your browsing history.

Ghostery has two different versions, Free and Plus. The free version has the following features:

  • Browser Tracker Blocking and Ad Blocking
  • Enabling you to set desired blocking terms

After installing this extension, it allows you to choose between blocking none, all or custom trackers. The most interesting section is custom blocking that allows you to choose which of the following trackers you would like to be blocked: advertising, social media, comments, CDN and etc. Each of them has a comprehensive list of trackers that could be disabled/enabled by your selection.

4. Adblock Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate blocks all ads by default but allows you to define a whitelist too. AdBlocker Ultimate is an open source project. There is not any significant difference between AdBlocker Ultimate, Adblock and Adblock Plus. Choosing them is rather a personal choice.

5. Fair AdBlocker

Fair AdBlocker chrome adblocker
Fair AdBlocker

Fair Adblock is an extension to block advertisements, tracking, malware and Pop-ops. The configuration is so simple and at the first step you only need to choose elements you want to block and then you are finished. It also allows you to have a whitelist to see ads from the sources based on your interest.

One interesting option with this extension is Fairness Settings which allows you to set a maximum number of ads to be shown to support the participating websites that rely on revenue from advertising and supports a free and fair web.

With Fair Adblocker you can have Popup Allowed Sites to allow popups on specific sites. All setup process is so easy with this Chrome extension. We recommend that you give it a shot.

6. AdGuard

Adguard is a cross-platform adblocker. It runs on multiple OS (Windows, macOS and Android) and most major browsers including Chrome. It blocks all kinds of advertisements including, floating ads, interstitial ads , pop-ups, banners and text ads. It also blocks tracking systems and spyware. Above all, it detects and informs you about phishing websites.

Users can have an allow-list to exclude certain domains from processing by Adguard. It also protects you by hiding referrer from third-parties, sending do-not-track header and etc.

The desktop version of Adguard offers more features like, ad blocking in apps and games, and having control over apps requiring web access. In summary Adguard is one of the highly-recommended Chrome adblocking extensions.

7. Pop up blocker for Chrome™ – Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker chrome extension
Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker blocks all kinds of popups like popunders ads, timed/scroll popups and so on. It overlays effectively to give you a better surfing experience on the web. It lets users have more control on what’s going on by reviewing blocked content history and having whitelist websites.

It can show an on-page notification in case of a blocked popup. The pro version has more features and has monthly, semi-annual and yearly payment options.

The free version offers suitable features for most users and the price of pro version seems to be a little too steep and you can go for pro version only when you have special needs and other chrome adblocking extensions can not fulfil your requirements.

8. uBlock – free ad blocker

uBlock is a lightweight pop-up blocker that works fine in all websites and enables you to have popups on the websites you choose. It protects you against trackers and crypto-miners. Through the setting you can have control over:

  • Hide placeholders of blocked elements
  • Show the number of blocked requests on the icon
  • Make use of context menu where appropriate
  • Allow uBlock to collect anonymous ping and usage data
  • much more options available to configure


There are many chrome adblockers available on the net and each of them has some pros/cons. At DinoTechno we do our best to introduce the best. Adblockers which have been introduced in this article are the top ones today and you can easily use one them without any need of checking for other sources. The first 3 extensions can be used by most users as they will give you the most satisfying result you wish for.

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