HWiNFO – Professional System Information and Diagnostics Tool

HWiNFO is a comprehensive tool to give you all details about the hardware of your computer. If you need more information than just the model name of your CPU, graphic card, memory, hard disk and etc. HWiNFO is the right choice for you.

HWiNFO is an application that provides the most accurate information about the hardware used in your computer. This program will help users who are looking for their hardware drivers, information and hardware diagnostics.

This software is very easy to use and even beginners can get accurate information about their computer hardware. This software is recommended to computer and hardware sellers, technical supporters and buyers.

HWiNFO can be run on any of the following platforms: DOS, Microsoft Windows 95 to Windows 11, WinPE and platforms i8086 – Xeon Platinum.

HWiNFO has some add-ons to expand its functionality and the addons can be found on the official website.

HWiNFO provides complete hardware components information in hierarchy details. Using HWiNFO you can create a full or quick summary of your hardware and export them to many different document types like TXT, XML, CSV, HTML, MHTML etc.

HWiNFO - Hardware Information
HWiNFO – Hardware Information

In addition to giving users detailed hardware information, HWiNFO gives real-time information about motherboard, virtual memory committed, virtual memory available, virtual memory load, physical memory used, physical memory available, physical memory load, page file usage etc. Some of the details HWiNFO gives you about different hardware are as below:

  • CPU: Core temperatures, temperature difference from maximum junction temperature (TjMAX), maximum value of all digital thermal sensors, requested voltage by certain CPU core, Bus clock, core usage, maximum CPU thread usage etc.
  • Memory: Memory clock, memory clock ratio, memory CAS latency, memory RAS-to-CAs delay, memory active to precharge time. memory active to active/refresh time, memory refresh recovery time, memory command rate etc.
  • Motherboard: Motherboard temperature, PCH temperature, CPU temperature, voltage regulator MOSFET temperature, Memory voltage, CMOS battery voltage etc.
  • Hard Disk: Hard disk temperature, total number of drive failures over the time and many more other information about your disk drive.

HWiNFO is free for personal and non-commercial users and for commercial users it provides various licensing types like personal, engineer and corporate. More information about different licensing types can be found here.

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