9 Interesting Things You Can Do with MacBook

“I recently purchased a MacBook, but I am not particularly proficient with it.” “What is it about a MacBook that appeals to you?” “I’m curious about the capabilities of a MacBook!”

The MacBook, a popular laptop, comes with a number of functions. As a result, many individuals have acquired it but have not yet fully mastered it.

So, in this essay, I’ll go through what you can accomplish with a MacBook and some common misunderstandings when converting from Windows.

What can you do with a MacBook?” Let’s understand the features

Things you can do with MacBook
Things you can do with MacBook

Understanding your areas of expertise is the first step in determining “what you can accomplish with your MacBook.”

As a result, we’ll go through the fundamental characteristics of the MacBook in this chapter.

  • Smooth integration with other Apple products
  • Easy to use with a sense of unity between hardware and software
  • Great for developing apps for Apple products
  • Easy to do creative work

Smooth integration with other Apple products

Other Apple gadgets, such as the iPhone, iPod, and Apple Watch, integrate seamlessly with the Mac.

Calendars, notes, reminders, and other items are automatically synchronized in the cloud. AirDrop makes it simple to transfer files. Use Safari as if it were an iPhone.

As previously stated, numerous forms of collaboration are available without the need for any additional settings. You will appreciate the simplicity of the MacBook if you use other Apple products together.

Easy to use with a sense of unity between hardware and software

Apple creates both the hardware and the operating system, macOS.

As a result, it is designed to be comfortable to use on both the hardware and software sides, and there is a strong sense of oneness.

Another advantage of the MacBook is that it comes with all of the software required for various jobs, such as text entry, image editing, video editing, and music creation.

You can do a lot on your computer with a MacBook without having to install any additional software.

Great for developing apps for Apple products

Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Xcode, is compatible with the MacBook. Xcode is required for creating apps for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad.

It’s no exaggeration to say that if you’re building apps for Apple products, the Mac is your preferred platform.

Easy to do creative work

The Mac is not only high-spec, but also simple to use.You can focus on stress-free and creative work by doing whatever comes naturally to you.

The wonderfully displayed Retina display reveals its qualities when editing photographs and movies.

In addition, both the Unix environment and design tools may be launched in programming, which is useful.

Points that people who switch from Windows to Mac are easily confused

There are four points that people who switch from Windows to Mac can easily get confused.

  • Many keyboard keys
  • There is no “full-width / half-width” key
  • Only USB-C has a port
  • The folder path is difficult to understand

I will explain each point.

Many keyboard keys

Compared to Windows, Macs can be confusing because they have more keyboard keys.

  • command (⌘)
  • shift (⇧)
  • control (⌃)
  • option (⌥)

As you can see, many keys are used for keyboard shortcuts.

And it may be displayed with the mark written on the right side of each name, and it is common to make a typo because the symbol and the key are not linked.

In addition, the Command key corresponds to the Windows Ctrl key, so it’s likely that you’ll get confused at first.

There is no “full-width / half-width” key

The MacBook does not have a Windows “full-width/half-width” key.

Use the “alphanumerical” and “kana” keys to switch between Japanese and alphanumerical input.

There is an esc key in place of the full-width or half-width key in Windows. 

Only USB-C has a port.

After the 2016 model, only the Thunderbolt (USB-C) port has a connection terminal.

This kind of cleanliness is like Apple. However, at present, I think you can see USB-A devices. Then, if you try to use the device you have been using, you may need a USB hub.

USB-C is easy to connect and fast, so it will become the standard for devices other than Macs in the future. However, for the time being, it is also a fact that it feels a little inconvenient.

The folder path is difficult to understand

Many people are confused when switching to a MacBook because it is difficult to understand the folder path.

Compared to Windows, the folder structure is hard to see, and it is hard to see the current path because it is not displayed by default.

If you want to eliminate this kind of difficulty, set the passbar to be displayed. Select the “View” tab from the Finder menu and click “Show Passbar”.

This alone will make the Finder dramatically easier to use.

9 things you can do with standard MacBook features

In this chapter, we will introduce you to nine things you can do with the standard functions of the MacBook.

  • Comfortably multitask with Mission Control.
  • Working with Night Shift is simple.
  • Manage information in the Notification Center.
  • Easily process images with a preview
  • Create sentences with TextEdit
  • View two apps side by side in Split View.
  • Check files quickly with Quick Look
  • Data sharing quickly with AirDrop
  • Automate your work with Automator.

To increase the productivity of PC operation, it is very important to learn the basics.

If you want to be creative on your Mac, start by understanding what you can do with standard features.

It is convenient to search and start the function to be introduced with Spotlight (command + Space).

Comfortably multitask with Mission Control

Mission Control is a function you should know in order to comfortably multitask.

  • Open window
  • Desktop space
  • Full screen view app
  • Split View display app

As mentioned above, Mission Control allows you to view and switch between the windows and apps you’re working on.

Mission Control also allows you to open a new desktop. You can use multiple desktops for each task according to the situation.

You can register shortcuts for changing settings in “System Preferences-> Mission Control” , so customize it for your own convenience.

Work easily with Night Shift

MacBook works easily with Night Shift
MacBook works easily with Night Shift

Use Night Shift when you want to turn off the blue light and work.

Night Shift on the iPhone is also available on the MacBook.

Night Shift is a feature that allows you to adjust your display to a warmer color gamut. It reduces the strain on your eyes caused by blue light when using your Mac at night or in dark places.

Night Shift can be scheduled to turn on and off automatically “from sunrise to sunset” or at a time you set.

You can make the settings from “System Preferences->Display->Night Shift”.

Manage information in the Notification Center

Customizing the Notification Center to make it easier to use will improve the efficiency of information management.

The content to be displayed on the “Notifications” tab of the Notification Center can be set from “System Preferences->Notifications”. The widget displayed on the Today tab can also be customized from Edit at the bottom.

Third-party widgets, in addition to the default widgets such as stock prices, weather, and calendar, can be installed and added to the Notification Center.

Thinking about how to use the notification center is also important for mastering the MacBook.

Easily process images with a preview

An app called “Preview” is used to open an image on a MacBook.

The preview not only allows you to easily open the image but also allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • resize
  • Clipping
  • Insert text
  • Inserting symbols or figures
  • Simple image composition

The preview is very practical because it is easy to use and the operation is light. If you want to do simple image editing, please try this function.

Create sentences with TextEdit

The MacBook’s standard editor, “TextEdit,” is very good at writing sentences.

  • Voice input
  • Ruler display
  • Dark mode
  • Rich text

It supports various functions as described above. You can also use iCloud to seamlessly edit your photos on your iPhone or iPad.

View two apps side by side in Split View

Split View is a feature that allows you to easily arrange two apps on the screen without having to manually adjust them.

This is convenient when you want to work while referring to information, such as writing sentences or editing images.

To use it, first press and hold the green full-screen display at the top left of the window. To open the Split View screen, select the left and right layouts, as well as the windows you want to display at the same time.

It is also convenient to open the Split View by dragging and dropping from Mission Control.

Check files quickly with Quick Look

“Quick Look” is a function that displays the file contents immediately and greatly improves work efficiency. To use it, just select the target file in the finder and press the Space key.

Since you can easily display images and text files, it is convenient to check immediately when you say “I wonder if it was this image” or “I don’t know if it’s just the file name and gallery view”.

Data sharing quickly with AirDrop

Data Sharing with AirDrop in MacBook
Data Sharing with AirDrop

AirDrop is a feature that allows you to share data wirelessly between Apple devices.

You can send and receive various types of data, such as documents, photos, videos, contacts, and location information. A list of nearby devices is displayed, which is convenient when you want to quickly share data with others.

Automate your work with Automator

Automator is an app that allows you to create workflows that automate computer operations, allowing your Mac to perform simple tasks.

For example, if you want to convert the file format from “JPEG” to “PNG” when editing an image, it will not take much time even if you manually edit 2 or 3 images, but it will be a lot of work if you have hundreds of images.

With an Automator, you can get rid of such simple and heavy tasks in an instant.

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