Navigate Faster and Easier Through Drupal Admin Panel

Although Drupal’s admin panel is so easy-to-navigate and well-designed, there are still some users, especially people who are new to Drupal, who might find it difficult to navigate and they need to spend some time to find the items they are looking for.

If you would like to have a newer look for the admin panel of your Drupal website, there are some methods you can use. One of the best possible options is using a module called Coffee.

Coffee helps you to reduce the complexity of Drupal’s admin panel by adding a search option for finding different parts of the admin panel directly and quickly.

To benefit from the functions of the Coffee module, follow these steps.

First of all, go to the Coffee module’s page and choose whether you want to install the module using composer, by uploading the archived file or using URL. Here we use the third method. Copy the link of the archived module.

Now from the admin panel. click on Manage -> Extend and then click on the Add new module button.

Paste the Coffee's URL and Click on Continue
Paste the Coffee’s URL and Click on Continue

After a while, the Coffee module installed, now click on the Enable newly added module to complete the installation process.

Now navigate through the module’s list, or search for the name Coffee. Next to the Coffee’s module name, you can see a checkbox, mark that checkbox and click on Install button.

Click on the Install Button
Click on the Install Button

After you have successfully installed the module, go back to the module’s list again and click on the Configure for the Coffee module to change the settings of the module. 

Select all possible items to let the module search through all parts of the admin panel for you or if you only like to enable searching for some special parts of the admin panel, only select those items. Click on the Save configuration button and you are done.

Click on the save configuration
Click on the save configuration

After successful installation, you will have a Go to button at the top of the admin panel. You can click on this icon or as an alternative, you can press ALT+D on your keyboard and the search box immediately displays for you. Now you can search for any items in the admin panel and it will quickly show the results for you within milliseconds.

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