List of the Best Useful Shortcut Keys for Windows 11

We’ve got a list of frequently used shortcut keys in Windows 11. In a short amount of time, the basic procedure of “just pressing a key” is quite effective. Many shortcut buttons are common not just for taskbar and window operations but also for general programs, and once you memorize them, you may use them indefinitely.

Shortcut Keys that have been carefully chosen and can be used

It is simple to click the mouse, but it takes a long time. If you wish to minimize all currently active windows to show the desktop, for example, you can use the mouse to repeatedly click the minimize button at the top right of the window. If it’s a shortcut key, hit the [Windows] + [D] keys instead.

Alternatively, you may dismiss tabs in your web browser by pressing the [Ctrl] + [W] keys instead of clicking the [x] on the tabs repeatedly. Furthermore, the [Ctrl] + [W] keys may be used to close not just browser tabs but also other programs’ windows. Please try using shortcut keys because they are a useful approach once you know them.

Operations Related to the Desktop

Show desktopWindows+D
Lock your computerWindows+L
Launch searchWindows+S/Q
Shoot the entire desktopPrintScreen
Shoot the windowAlt+PrintScreen
Shoot any partWindows+Shift+S
Launch the game barWindows+G
Open clipboard historyWindows+V
Select a display modeWindows+P
Open quick settingsWindows+A
Open widgetWindows+W
Open Notification CenterWindows+N
Open task viewWindows+Tab
Shortcut Keys Related to Desktop Operations

Common Shortcut Keys

Display the setting screenWindows+I
Display [Run]Windows+R
Show explorerWindows+E
Select all itemsCtrl+A
Copy the selected itemCtrl+C
Cut the selected itemCtrl+X
Paste the selected itemCtrl+V
Undo the operationCtrl+Z
Close active items or appsAlt+F4
Rename the selected itemF2
Stop the current processEsc
Display right-click menuShift+F10
Select multiple itemsShift+↑ ↓ ← →
Common Shortcut Keys

Window Manipulation

Open a new windowCtrl+N
close the windowCtrl+W
Switch windowsAlt+Tab
Minimize the windowWindows+↓
Maximize the windowWindows+↑
Restore window sizeWindows+Space→R
Snap the window to the right of the screenWindows+→
Snap the window to the left of the screenWindows+←
Show snap menuWindows+Z
Window Manipulation Shortcut Keys

Browser Operations

1 page back / forwardAlt+← →
Close tabCtrl+W
Reopen the closed tabCtrl+Shift+T
close the windowCtrl+Shift+W
Open a new tabCtrl+T
Open the link in a new tabCtrl+ Click
Open a new windowCtrl+N
Open a new window in secret modeCtrl+Shift+N
Open the link in a new windowShift+ Click
Switch tabsCtrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Switch to a specific tabCtrl+1~8
Switch to the rightmost tabCtrl+9
Scroll downPgDn/Space
Scroll upPgUp/Shift+Space
Move to the top of the pageHome
Move to the bottom of the pageEnd
Increase / decrease the display magnificationCtrl++ ――――
Set the display magnification to 100%Ctrl+0
Refresh the pageF5/Ctrl+R
Search within the pageCtrl+F
Turn full screen on / offF11
Browser Operations Shortcut Keys

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