Wise FTP – a Trusted FTP client

Wise-FTP is a file transfer protocol that lets the webmasters connect to their servers and manage, edit or change the hosted files on their server.

This useful application has a beautiful and clean interface that supports drag and drop feature as well as allowing you to edit files and folders directly on a remote server. 

Some of the other interesting features include simultaneous file transfer and file sharing. Wise-FTP supports SFTP-protected connections and can connect automatically when the current connection is lost by retrying to connect to the internet and resuming the previous operations.

Code Editing in Wise FTP Client
Code Editing in Wise FTP Client

Wise FTP is well-designed for both beginner and advanced users who need to manage the files located on their server easily. This program is straightforward to use and it doesn’t contain any level of difficulty.

Wise FTP is a good FTP client for all webmasters to choose. Some of the main features of Wise FTP can be explained as below:

  • Connect to any number of websites you own using a well-organized directory.
  • The user interface of Wise FTP application is so familiar to all users as it acts like a local file or directory on a remote site with a similar interface to Windows Explorer .
  • Go directly to edit and change the remote system files without downloading the files and directories to your local system.
  • Search for the files located at the remote site.
  • Edit the file on the server quickly.
  • Safe and secure file transfer: To maximize security, the Wise FTP uses SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or FTPS (FTP / SSL).
  • All the aspects needed to manage an FTP server are included and can be customized using Wise FTP. For example you can: Remove, rename, copy, modify etc.
  • The integrated HTML editor allows you to edit files directly on the server. Convert HTML or text files directly on your FTP server.
  • View files quickly using the built-in file viewer or any other Windows application editor that you would like.
  • Drag files and directories between your local and the server easily.
  • Perform file operations on your local system to: create, delete files or folders, etc.
  • Transfer multiple files to one or more FTP servers.
  • There is a feature that allows you to modify the content of folders of your computer and FTP server at the same time if both the folders are the same.
  • You can use voice commands to control what the Wise FTP should do. It listens to your voice commands to manage the server easier.

Wise FTP is a paid program but you can use it for 30 days without any limitations and if you liked the application after finishing the trial period, you can purchase.

You can download Wise FTP from the official website and see the features and possibilities of this good powerful FTP client application for yourself.

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