Citrio – Lightweight & Secure Web Browser

There are many web browsers available; some of them are light, some others are heavier but offer more features, and some of them have focused on security etc. Citrio is one of the fastest, most secure and polished web browsers.

Citrio is a browser with a combination of great features and excellent performance. The software launches at high speed, supports plugins and gives you a safe and fast browsing experience on the Internet.

As we all know, most of the browsers have some mechanism to save some of the information about the visited pages or users’ data. For example, browsers keep caches of the visited pages, cookies etc. However, there are ways to delete this information like clearing cache of web browsers, clearing cookies, history etc.

It is always better to choose a trusted web browser that ensures users about the safety of their information.

Citrio Web Browser
Citrio Web Browser

Citrio assures you to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. There are many other security measurements have done by Citrio to protect your privacy which can be accessed in Citrio’s official privacy policy page.

Citrio has other methods to protect the privacy and security of users in addition to mentioned ones. Citrio has a built-in malware and phishing tool to defend users’ data from unauthorized access. The automatic updating of Citrio always keeps this web browser up-to-date with the latest security and feature improvements.

Citrio is based on the famous Chromium which is fast and secure. Citrio loads fast at start up and you don’t have to wait long for launching this browser and it manages the memory well to give you a smooth web browsing experience even when you open multiple tabs.

Citrio’s functionality can be expanded easily using a rich extension library. There are so many extensions you can install to customize Citrio based on your requirements.

Although there are many available free and paid download managers, Citrio has a built-in download manager to give you full control over your downloads. It also uses a built-in download accelerator to speed up downloading files from the net. It claims to increase the downloading speed upto 5 times.

Citrio is available for both Windows and Mac OS users but it has not been updated since 2015. You can download Citrio web browser from the official website.

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