List of 16 Best Image & Reverse Image Search Engines

Many times, you are going to search for an image and you cannot find the result you are looking for easily.

To find any image you are looking for, you have to use the keywords and check the results for matches.

If no search engine was available, you had to look at many websites to see if they had the images you wanted to find.

Fortunately, there are many search engines available on the internet and you can use them to find the images that you are looking for. In this article, we are talking about image search engines and also reverse image search engines. 

Any search engine works by indexing pages from various websites, and image search engines work the same. To look for any image that you like to see, you just need to go to any of these image search engines and enter the keyboards and they will do the rest for you. 

Although most people use web search engines for finding text, image search engines are still very popular because so many users wish to look at images instead of reading text. 

Finding the right results with an image search engine is easier because you look at the photo and you instantly figure out if it’s what you are looking for or not, so you don’t need to read anything.

Millions of image searches are being done every day, and maybe about 20% of Google users use the image search engine of this service provider.

If you know how to use an image search engine correctly, you can find the image you wish to look at easily and instantly. Nowadays, in addition to regular image search engines, many people wish to do a reverse image search.

 This means that they have a photo and they want to find similar images or find more information about that particular image, and reverse image search engines can help them.

What is a reverse image search engine?

You can use reverse image search engines if you already have a photo and want to know which website(s) contained that image.

You can also use a reverse image search engine to find similar photos to the ones you already have.

The most popular image search engine is the reverse image search engine of Google. by using reverse image search engines, you’ll be able to find higher-quality images as well.

If you own a website and you are a webmaster, you can optimize your images for reverse image search, and in this case, you can drive more traffic to your website because many people may look for the photos on your website and they may find your website in the results.

It is a fact that websites that contain images and text receive more traffic and visits from both search engines and direct traffic.

List of the Best Image Search Engines

There are several major image search engines available on the internet and you can use any of them, but some of them are more popular than others. We are going to introduce you to some of the best image search engines available on the internet so you can use them for searching your images.

1. Google Image Search Engine

Google - Image Search Engine
Google – Image Search Engine

Google is the most famous search engine on the internet, and almost all people around the world have used it. In addition to being the first web search engine in the world, the Google image search engine is the most popular search engine for finding images on the net as it already has indexed billions of images.

Everyone knows how to use the Google search engine. You just need to go to the website and enter your returns, and it will return you with the results.

The image search engine of Google allows you to filter the results using available tools. For example, you can sort the results by size of them, color of them, type of image, and time that the image has been seen by Google. It also allows you to read the usage rights.

2. Yandex Image Search Engine

Yandex is an old and famous search engine, and it has its fans too. It’s something similar to the Google and Yahoo search engines. It works by crawling and indexing web pages from millions of websites.

In addition to being used as a text search engine, it can also be used as an image search engine because it contains information from almost all the websites on the internet. Soul searching in Yandex can give you the image results you were looking for.

After searching, you can scroll down to see all the image results that it has provided to you. The number of results can be almost the same as that of Google and Yahoo search engines.

It has so many filters that you can choose from to refine your results. For example, you can refine the results by the size of them, orientation, type, color, format of the images and also specify a special website, and this search engine only looks through the images of that website.

The Yandex search engine is very powerful and returns the results for you very fast.

3. Yahoo Image Search Engine

Yahoo - Image Search Engine
Yahoo – Image Search Engine

Yahoo is the second most popular image search engine available, and millions of users every day use the Yahoo image search engine to find the images they are looking for.

It’s always useful to use different image search engines to find the images because each of them uses different algorithms, so they provide you with different results.

So you’ll probably get different results from the Google search engine than from the Yahoo search engine, and it’s quite common.

In the Yahoo image search engine, you can filter the results by color and you can also refine the results by the type of the image, for example, photo, portrait, etc.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is an interesting social media website where users around the world share images and videos with other people.

To use the sharing feature of this service, you need to register. You can also use the service to see what other people I have shared.

Many users enjoy seeing what others have shared and also enjoy sharing their own content and Pinterest is a good place to achieve it.

As Pinterest allows users to share their images with others, it can be used as any other type of search engine.

It contains millions of photos and images that other people have shared around the world. You can almost find any photo image you are looking for on Pinterest.

Although the main concept of Pinterest was not to bring an image search engine to the people, it’s a good image search engine with millions of images in it.

5. Pixabay

Pixabay - Image Search Engine
Pixabay – Image Search Engine

Pixabay is another less popular but very useful major search engine. It contains more than 2 million free images that you can search and use, most of them for free without worrying about copyright terms.

So, if you want to put images on your website and want to find images that aren’t protected by copyright, you can use this image search engine.

Of course, the number of images that this search engine has is much less than Google and Yahoo image search engines, but as most of the photos you find on this website can be used anywhere freely, it’s a useful image search engine.

6. Shutterstock

Shutterstock has a great collection of more than 400 million images, videos, and music tracks. It allows you to search for photos, vector illustrations, videos, music, etc.

You can also explore the popular handpicked visuals on the main page of this image search engine’s website.

This search engine has a beautiful and friendly interface, and you will love using it. When you search for a term in this image search engine, it gives you the best related results that you can license.

The images provided in this image search engine are of high quality, but they are not free and you should license them if you want to use them on your website.

7. Pexels

Pexels - Image Search Engine
Pexels – Image Search Engine

Pexels is a great collection of photos and images created by talented people around the world. It contains royalty-free images and videos that were created by other people.

With this image search engine, you can search for any photo or video with ease. When you hover your mouse over the search bar, it shows you trending topics that are popular among the users of this image search engine.

Using this image search engine, you can also find the latest photos and videos shared by the creators. These features make Pexels a very useful image search engine, especially if you are a webmaster or content creator.

8. Openverse

Creative Commons Search (Openverse) is a very useful and powerful search engine that can search for more than 600 million images.

The good thing about this image search engine is that you can reuse any image you find on this website anywhere on the internet because all of them are free and reusable.

If you like the service, you can donate to them so that they can continue their great job. Openverse (creative common search) is not limited to images, and you can also search for audio files in his search engine.

9. IQDB – Multi-service image search

IQDB - Image Search Engine
IQDB – Image Search Engine

If you are looking for a good anime and picture and image search engine, you should use the iQDB search engine.

It works by crawling and indexing other search engines such as: Danbooru, Konachan,, Gelbooru, Sankaku Channel, e-shuushuu, Zerochan, Anime-Pictures, etc.

It supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF images. It also allows you to upload an image to the website from your local computer or by using a URL address, and it shows you all related images to the photo you had.

10. Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine

If you are an art lover, Artcyclopedia is a good website for you to search for the beautiful images available in different places in the world.

It allows you to search by artist’s name, title, and also by the location of the museum that contains that artwork.

It contains a good collection of art works that are available in the museums of different countries.

11. Flickr

Flickr - Image Search Engine
Flickr – Image Search Engine

Flickr is a good platform for photographers and photography enthusiasts to share their content with others.

You can sign up for Flickr and upload your photos and images. You can also make albums of your photos.

As a lot of people around the world have been using this service to share their photos, it’s a good image search engine.

12. Reddit Image Search Engine

Reddit was once one of the most well-known social bookmarking websites, and millions of people still use it. Every day, people post various types of content on it, such as text, images, and videos. It’s a good collection of media files.

You can search for any keyword that you wish to see images of on this website and it will show you hundreds of results.

If you have not tried the Reddit image search engine yet, it’s highly suggested that you try it once to see how powerful it is in finding images.

13. Getty Images

GettyImages allows visual content creators to bring their content to others by sharing it with business services. The homepage of GettyImages is beautiful, and it has a big search box that you can use to search for any term on it.

14. Facebook Image Search Engine

As you know, billions of people use Facebook and they upload photos every day, so it’s a huge collection of photos that are uploaded by people around the world, so it can be used as an image search engine in addition to being a social media platform.

List of  the Best Reverse Image Search Engines

In some cases, you might have a photo on your local computer and would like to see the original source of that image, or maybe it’s not high quality and you want to find the best quality available version of a special image. In such cases, reverse image search engines can help you a lot.

You can use reverse image search engines for:

  • Finding the original source of an image
  • Finding the websites that have that image
  • Finding the uniqueness of an image you already have

 How to Use a Reverse Image Search Engine?

To use the benefits of a reverse image search engine, You only need to paste the URL of the image you’re looking for or upload the image you have to one of the following reverse image search engines.

Then the reverse image search engines look for similar images on the internet and give you the results that you were looking for.

Here we try to give you some of the best reverse image search engines that you can use to find similar images.

1. Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Serarch

Another useful reverse image search engine that can find similar images quickly for you is Reverse Image Search.

You just need to upload the image or enter an image URL into the search engine. It also allows you to upload images from Dropbox or Google Drive directly to it.

It works by searching for similar images on Google and Yahoo search engines. You can also search for keywords and this search engine will return you the results.

This reverse image search engine can be used on all devices that have a connection to the internet, regardless of the device and operating system you’re using.

You can upload images of any size to this reverse image search engine and it finds similar images for you within a few seconds.

2. TinEye Reverse Image Search

Tineye is a simple reverse image search engine that allows you to upload the photo or paste the URL of it from an external website, and it looks for similar images on the web.


We hope that you can find the images you want using these tools. If you found the images you were looking for and now you need to resize them, here is a list of the best image size reducers.

Nowadays, people not only need to search for images but they also need to search for similar images, which can be done through image search engines and reverse image search engines respectively.

The necessity of searching through images on the web has made image search engines so popular among internet users. Every day, millions of searches are being done to find images, videos, etc.

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