List of 24 Best Netflix Alternatives

Netflix, with a virtual presence in every country, is the world’s top premium video streaming network. When it migrated to the streaming market in 2007, it was one of the earliest participants, and the risk has paid off with hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

Initially, Netflix based its streaming service on licensed material from other providers. In 2013, Netflix began sponsoring its own original programs.

Since then, Netflix has dramatically increased its original content creation, placing pressure on its relationships with other publishers. Other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney Plus, have evolved to be formidable rivals.

Netflix not only offers one of the largest catalogs of any streaming service, but it’s also one of the most user-friendly ones. After signing up and logging in, you’ll be presented with a user-friendly interface that provides popular shows to watch as well as breakdowns by category.

In terms of how Netflix works, all video files are stored on a distant server, and picking a movie or episode initiates the stream.

The stream may take a few moments to begin, but as long as your internet connection is solid, Netflix is ahead of what you are watching to give you a smooth playback experience.

Here we are going to list the top best Netflix alternatives that you can choose from.

1. Stremio

Stremio is a sophisticated media center that serves as a one-stop shop for all of your video entertainment needs as a Netflix alternative. With the help of simple-to-install extensions, you can find, view, and organize video material.

In terms of content, Stremio has it all: movies, TV shows, live TV, and online channels. Stremio is a sophisticated media center that allows you to view whatever you desire.

After installing Stremio on your device and creating an account, all you have to do is browse the addon catalog and install whatever you like, and you’re ready to go!

Following that, you may navigate to the Discover or Board areas to begin browsing material. Stremio is open-sourced software; the code is publicly auditable and may be reviewed by anybody.

2. Prime Video

Many popular movies and shows are available on Amazon Prime Video, including original features like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

Prime Video is an on-demand streaming service available as part of an Amazon Prime subscription. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, you may join up for Prime Video separately.

On Prime Video, you may view thousands of titles, including numerous movies and original programs, and you can use it as a Netflix alternative.

3. Hulu

Hulu is a streaming entertainment site that began as a platform for recent broadcast TV series but has now expanded to include entire movies, original programming, and live TV alternatives.

Hulu may be accessed from a variety of displays, and up to five other individuals can access your account using their own profile. Each profile is distinct from the others, although they are free of charge. Each profile’s viewing history and suggestions are unique. Even children may have their own Hulu profile to limit their viewing to kid-friendly content.

All of Hulu’s programs are completely free and legal to watch. This is due to actual agreements with content providers that allow Hulu to publish programs from their networks.

4. Disney+

Though its catalog of movies and TV shows isn’t as extensive as Netflix’s, Disney+ is the exclusive streaming home of a substantial amount of Disney’s huge content history and the only place to watch new stuff like The Mandalorian, Hawkeye, and WandaVision. 

It also has a ton of material, including Pixar and National Geographic, and when paired with its sibling streaming service, Hulu, you’ve got one potent mix.

It’s less expensive than Netflix ($14) and HBO Max ($15) at $8 per month and $80 per year. And the Disney Bundle is an excellent value, enabling you to combine Hulu and ESPN+ for just $14 per month.

5. HBO Now

Those who do not have access to regular cable can watch HBO Now’s selection of original shows, movies, specials, and documentaries. HBO does not offer HBO Now directly to customers.

It collaborates with third-party companies, such as Apple, which signs up and bills consumers for iOS devices via iTunes. HBO is also collaborating with ISPs to manage sign-ups and payments.

In fact, this means that you must live in an area where Cablevision delivers Internet connection; otherwise, you will need an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV to sign up for HBO Now. This will be the case for at least the next 90 days.

6. Google TV

Google TV is a UI that sits on top of Android TV. Consider it an Android skin, similar to One UI or Oxygen OS from Samsung or OnePlus. However, it is Google’s own skin that sits on top of Android TV.

The Chromecast with the Google TV dongle was released in September 2020. It improves on what Android TV already does. If you utilize YouTube TV or Sling TV, you will receive better and more suggestions, as well as a live TV guide. Among a few additional characteristics; it is quite effective at making recommendations and directing you to where you can watch certain shows.

7. Tubi TV

As more on-demand streaming services and cable TV alternatives emerge, each one offers a somewhat different menu of choices and features. They’re available at different price points and have their own set of connections with networks and distribution organizations.

Tubi, which began in 2014, has exploded in popularity in recent years, with over 35,000 movies and TV series available. It’s all free. Yes, it’s completely free.

While the variety is always changing (particularly with some cable networks launching their own subscription services), there are still hundreds of alternatives and over 30 categories of programming to choose from.

It features programs from more than 100 local and live news networks, as well as content from more than 250 entertainment partners, including almost every major Hollywood studio’s films and you can use Tubi Tv as a Netflix alternative.

8. Apple TV

Apple TV, formerly known as the iTV, is a portable digital media receiver initially introduced by Apple on September 12, 2006, and first launched on January 9, 2007. The Apple TV operated as a storage device for a user’s material that could be broadcast straight to a user’s HDTV in the second model of its first iteration (high-definition television). 

Users may conserve space on their computer hard disks by storing images, videos, or audios on the device. Users would also have access to all of their material through a continual HDTV connection. The Apple TV’s storage capacity was eliminated by the third iteration, and the gadget became just a streaming device.

9. Pluto TV

Pluto TV was founded by Viacom and is now the most popular platform in the United States, with hundreds of channels. It has approximately 100 channels in the UK, including 13 live stations.

It’s been around since 2018, and it offers hundreds of on-demand movies and TV series. Pluto TV, unlike many other big streaming networks, is fully free and has no subscriptions, and it does not even require an email address.

Pluto TV is accessible on NOW TV and Roku in the United Kingdom. Pluto TV channels are also available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV Plus, Android, Chromecast, iPhone, PlayStation, and Samsung TV Plus.

The Pluto TV app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play, is required for most of these systems to work.

10. Zattoo

Zattoo Live TV is an Android software that allows users to view European television stations on their phone or tablet. While it mostly broadcasts German networks, it also broadcasts live TV from the United Kingdom, Spain, and France.

While the software is free, Zattoo Live TV also offers a subscription option that provides higher-quality reproductions, which will be especially delightful on terminals that allow HD playback. Zattoo Live TV is a fantastic app for folks who want to watch TV on their Android phone or tablet while on the go.

Zattoo Live TV is an app that allows you to watch a variety of TV stations from across the world.

11. MUBI

MUBI is a curated film streaming platform, production business, and distributor based in United States. Emerging films that are produced by experienced filmmakers are distributed by MUBI and are only available on the platform.

Mubi is a subscription-based streaming service that offers a selection of 30 feature films at any one moment. While this may appear monotonous at first, the fact that one title is added and another is withdrawn every day adds to the intrigue.

If you’ve cut the cord and like the flexibility (and cost savings) of streaming entertainment but are weary of sorting through the same old stuff on Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu, Mubi’s hand-picked movies might be precisely what you’re looking for.

Mubi describes itself as a streaming service, a curator of video material, a publisher, a distributor, and a movie buff. Mubi announces a new movie as movie of the day every single day to bring fresh content for the viewers.

It also takes one away at the same time. Subscribers may always view 30 handpicked films, including cult classics, box office smashes, festival favorites, and more.

12. Sling TV

Sling TV is an app-based service that allows you to watch live TV and DVR recordings – it’s similar to cable TV, but you get to pick and choose the channels and services you want.

All you need is an internet connection and a gadget that works with it. You can add premium channels exactly as you would with cable, and you will receive live TV just like the way you would with cable.

Because there are no commitments, you will pay monthly and will be able to cancel, add, or remove channels before your next statement.

You may record complete seasons or single episodes of as many programs as you desire with Sling TV’s DVR. However, the normal cloud DVR service only allows for 10 hours of recording.

13. NBC

You can watch your favorite NBC shows on the move with the NBC app. Keep up with the newest episodes with complete episodes, photo galleries, and recaps.

Additionally, you may play games, see a small part of forthcoming episodes as previews, and it also lets you create a favorites list for yourself according to your taste to get updates as soon as they become available.

You can always watch full episodes of popular NBC series by using the NBC app and follow any favorite TV show you would like.

14. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is a completely free website that allows you to view TV episodes and movies. It is, unsurprisingly, run by The website is well-known due to its extensive collection of ratings, reviews, plot summaries, and cast listings.

Most people don’t still know that IMDB is an Amazon service and it belons to Amazon. And it was Amazon that pushed for the construction of IMDb TV, which debuted as IMDb Freedive at the beginning of 2019.

Because IMDb TV’s programming is ad-supported, you’ll have to wait through the commercials at the start and throughout the programs you watch. There is no option to pay for the adverts to be removed, and they are not skippable.

15. Shout! Factory TV

Shout! Factory TV is a renowned digital entertainment destination for those people ho love the pop culture especially younger generations, bringing you modern cult favorites as much as you want. The channel delivers an unequaled combination of cult TV series, movies, comedy, original specials, and more, thanks to its carefully selected entertainment collection. 

Shout! Factory TV is a free-to-view, ad-supported video service that features full-length TV series, movies, specials, and original materials that can be seen on desktop computers, mobile, tablet, and “over-the-top” devices.

Shout! Factory TV may be seen on a variety of devices. Depending on the platform, there may be minor differences in code.

16. XFINITY Stream

With the Xfinity Stream app, which comes with your Xfinity account, you can turn any screen into a TV. You’ll never have to miss a must-see show again. On any device, watch leading networks, live sports and news, as well as hundreds of On Demand episodes and movies.

You may access your complete Xfinity On Demand library on any device while at home with XFINITY Stream.

On the go, access tens of thousands of On Demand episodes and movies. Xfinity On Demand Purchases may be downloaded and viewed offline. 

You may also make the most of your Showtime, EPIX, and STARZ premium memberships, which give you access to hundreds of downloadable popular series and movies. (On mobile devices, download functionality is only available.)

17. USTVNow

USTVnow is a streaming service that was created to provide cable television packages to Americans living overseas, such as military personnel. It is aimed towards those who would normally have access to these channels but are unable to do so, owing to their geographic location. Users may watch live TV, navigate via a TV schedule to discover what shows are coming up next, and watch movies, as well as learn about military appreciation and watch instructional programming.

This service is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and TV streaming devices. USTVnow is compatible with Android phones running version 4 or above, as well as iPhones running version 4 or higher.

Most tablets are also compatible, so whether you have an iPad, Android tablet, Amazon Fire tablet, or Microsoft Surface tablet, you may utilize this service on it.

Furthermore, internet TV boxes such as Google TV, Apple TV, and Scope Box are supported, and while many people use the service with Android boxes and Firestick, no technical or customer assistance is available for these platforms.

With USTVnow, getting started is simple. Simply go to the site and select ‘Sign up.’ If you click on one of the shows, while not registered into an account, you will be requested to join up or sign in. Simply key in your email address, make a password, and type in your complete name to join up.

18. Cartoon Crazy

Many people’s favored platform for watching cartoons and anime online is CartoonCrazy. This service plans to offer excellent cartoons and dubbed anime and it has collected more more than 24000 episodes.

The connection quality of CartoonCrazy is good enough and it will not be paused every now and then. And another good thing about CartoonCrazy is not showing unwanted popups and notifications during warching TV shows.

On balance, CartoonCrazy is a decent platform for binge-watching anime and cartoon episodes, but its flaws, such as poor page loading and updates, cause many users to avoid it. Some of CartoonCrazy’s streaming servers are also down.

If you don’t believe CartoonCrazy meets your needs, there are plenty of other options for a better watching experience.


The fact that this website is completely ad-free adds to its attractiveness. I’m sure it won’t last forever, but there are none at the time of writing this piece. When you go to other free movie and TV show websites, you’ll see that they’re crammed with advertisements. 

Every time you try to view something, it opens a slew of other tabs, all of which are filled with advertisements. This website eliminates all of that bother; all you have to do is click on the item you want to see, and it will begin playing immediately.

Another big advantage of is that it runs on a web browser, which means it can be accessed from any device. Whether it’s an Android device, a Firestick, an iPhone, a phone, or a computer, we’ve got you covered.

We don’t know if the developer is real or if it will be used to collect information about you because this is a clone of the website. There’s no disputing that is a fantastic platform, but it’s doubtful that we’ll see this kind of content without a developer benefiting.

We also noted that the website has been spammed on the Free Tech YouTube Channel, indicating bots. So, if you’re going to visit this website, you should utilize a VPN and the incognito tab on your browser.

We also noticed that Nites TV had been taken down by ACE, so we’ll link to that page below. So it’s difficult to assume this website will last more than a month.

20. Hotstar

Hotstar is a video streaming service that allows the clients to view live sports, Indian television series, and movies. With Hotstar, you may watch our content on any compatible device indefinitely. 

Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and Malayalam are the eight Indian languages accessible for movies and television series. You can watch your favorite shows whenever and anywhere you want.

Hotstar provides unrestricted access to over 60,000 hours of TV series and 2000 Indian movies, as well as live sports like cricket, kabaddi, badminton, and ice hockey. Members may watch on their TV (Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku), mobile devices (Android, iOS), and computers at any time and from anywhere.

21. Eros Now

Everywhere you go, you may watch Bollywood and regional Indian movies, TV series, music, and music videos. Eros Now delivers the most comprehensive collection of premium entertainment in Hindi, Tamil, and other Indian languages directly to your iPhone or iPad.

Check out our assortment of free movies, TV series, music, and music videos by signing up for a free Eros Now Basic account. Upgrade to our easy and reasonable membership plan, Eros Now Premium, utilizing iTunes In-App Subscription if you want access to our whole repertoire, HD quality video, and movie subtitles.

A constantly updated collection of free movies, TV episodes, music videos, and music is available. AirPlay and Chromecast allow you to watch movies and other content on your TV.

22. Voddler

Voddler’s objective is to deliver high-quality, on-demand home entertainment, teaming with some of the industry’s top names. Voddler is simple to use, legal, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with excellent image and sound quality.

Members of Voddler are provided free advertising-funded and rented movies, with over 90% of Voddler’s titles being free. In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, Voddler is now accessible.

23. Kanopy

Kanopy’s movie library is not only one of the most extensive, but also one of the greatest, with more high-quality films than any other free service (and a lot of paid streaming services too). Kanopy’s TV collection is limited, but its main flaw is its lack of accessibility.

Getting access to Kanopy might be difficult if you don’t have a subscription or live near a participating library. For those who can’t get their hands on a library card, Kanopy’s literary competitor Beamafilm provides a $5.99 per month option.

If you’re looking for award-winning documentaries and animation, you’ve come to the right place. Do you want to see some fantastic independent and international films, or a classic film? Kanopy is a great option.

Kanopy videos may be seen using your web browser and mobile apps which are designed for both Android and IOS.

24. Reklist

Users may give, receive, and keep customized suggestions from friends and family on Reklist, which they can return to when they’re ready to watch a TV or movie.

Reklist is THE consolidated platform for determining what to watch since users can maintain their personal watchlist, review movies and episodes, and organize their Reklist with labels.

Reklist emphasizes social engagement, which is why users may Like and debate things in the Newsfeed, add friends with whom they wish to exchange suggestions, and see what’s hot.

One of the greatest ways to get the most out of Reklist is to join in on your friends’ activities and create your own Reklist.

Despite the fact that there are generic algorithm-based movie and program suggestions available, Reklist stands apart by focusing solely on recommendations from your friends and family. Your Reklist is a curated list of things you want to watch, made up of movies and series you’ve added yourself as well as suggestions from people you trust.

Sign up for Reklist and say goodbye to tedious scrolling through impersonal, algorithm-based suggestions.

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