WinSCP – a Powerful SFTP client and FTP client

WinSCP is a totally free-to-use, open sourced and well-known SFTP and FTP client for Windows. Although being a small application, it has a lot of features for webmasters and can fulfill all requirements you need to transfer files to your FTP server.

The beautiful, simple and clean interface attracts you while you can be sure about the security of your connections. The interface of WinSCP has been translated into many languages and you can use it in your mother tongue. It can be used as a graphical FTP software or a command line baked application.

One of the nice features of WinSCP is scripting and task automation that offer a scripting interface with so many supported commands and these commands can be entered manually into the program. The application has also the ability of reading the scripts from another script or external source. There is a complete guide on scripting and automation available on the official website.

Scripting in WinSCP FTP Client
Scripting in WinSCP FTP Client

WinSCP has two different interfaces. One of them is Commander Interface which is based on Norton Commander file manager and the second available option is Explorer Interface which is based on Windows File Explorer. The Explorer Interface supports drag and drop feature.

The Connection Tunneling feature lets you connect to a server which cannot be accessed directly from your network, but can be accessed indirectly from another network that you have access to.

WinSCP can be integrated to Windows and other applications easily. You will have the options to desktop, jump List, Windows file explorer’s ‘Send To’ context Menu, protocol URL addresses, search path, drag-and-drop shell extension, the clipboard and other applications.

WinSCP helps you save your current working session easily and restore the whole workspace at once in addition to automatic workspace saving which greatly saves your time.

As security is a big concern of all users, especially webmasters, WinSCP enables you to set a master password for the program with the use of AES encryption algorithm to protect all your saved passwords from being attacked.

WinSCP FTP client has both light and dark themes and you can easily choose one of them.

WinSCP can transfer files on both foreground and background in addition to being able to encrypt files on an SFTP server using AES-256 encryption instantly.

WinSCP has both text and binary transfer mode and it can also convert timestamps from local conventions to remote server conventions and vice versa.

WinSCP client has so many other options and the best way to know them is to download and install it. It is a simple-to-use program which can be used by both beginner and advanced users and fulfills the needs of any users with any level of knowledge and requirements.

WinSCP client has many different download options. You can choose to download the regular installable program or download the portable version which can be used on any Windows OS without needing to be installed. You can also download the source code of the WinSCP program as an archived file. You can download the WinSCP client from the official website.

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