List of Best FREE Website Builders for Students & Teachers

Nowadays communication and information transformation between people has changed a lot. Information transformation is much more easier using the Internet. Internet is the most popular medium for communication. Anything from online shopping, getting information, and getting in touch with friends, family, coworkers, students, teachers, professors and etc. is all done using the Internet.

Most people have their own share of information published on the Internet because we are usually writers, publishers, commenters or at least we share some info with others.

With increasing number of social media tools, anyone around the world is a content creator, user, commenter, comment reader, web owner, buyer, seller and etc.

You no longer need to travel to meet other people and become familiar with their culture and the way people interact with each other. You just need to open some applications and there you are!

The evolution of the Internet is so fast. It is much more easier to access the Internet with no need to sit at your home/office behind a computer. You almost have access to same features when using the Internet by your mobile phone.

The Internet is a very powerful tool for learning/educating. In addition to being able to connect with other students and teachers around the world, you can see that other students and professors have their unique approaches towards same issues .

If you have a new idea, you are not limited to your local educators and classmates anymore. You can develop your ideas much faster by sharing it with other professors in other countries. You are not only a knowledge user, but also a knowledge creator. You can help others to learn from your ideas and vice versa.

Having physical access to other sources of information like libraries is not needed anymore; by using search engines you have access to libraries of other schools and universities with no border. The Internet keeps you updated with most recent published articles and books.

Benefits of having a website for students and teachers

1. Be a professional student/teacher

Whether you are a student or a teacher, launching a website helps you to look more professional in the eye of other students/teachers and employers. It helps you seem more passionate about what you are doing.

How do you feel about a student or a teacher having their own website? You probably think highly of them. This applies to you too. So go ahead and launch your own website!

2. Share information

Sharing information with others is one the best ways to show your creativity to others. When someone searches for a term on search engines and your website appears in search results; they click on your link and read your articles. Even if they don’t leave any comments on your site, they would probably remember you as the author of that article and owner of that website.

The more article you publish at your website/weblog, the more chances you have of being known by people. Each of these new people is a new opportunity for you; they may offer you great job opportunities.

3. Introduce yourself to the world

In your personal website you can have any kind of information you would like about yourself, your life and anything that is related to you. You can have a profile page that tells about you, your personality, your desires, your goals, your fields of interests and etc.

It is likely that visitors especially recursive visitors of your website, would love to see your photo, know more about you and have contact. If you would like to be known by more people, go for launching your own personal website.

How difficult is it to launch my website?

As a student or a teacher, you probably don’t have much time to learn a programming language and start your own website. Fortunately there are many tools available that help you with this.

There are so many free website builder software online and offline that help you build your own website without any knowledge about web programming. You don’t need to have prior knowledge to work with these website builder tools and don’t need any equipment to do so. Any computer regardless of its operating system can do that. Most free website builders work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, so you don’t need to change your operating system.

Most of these website builders use drag and drop editor that makes the website launching a lot easier than it looks. A drag-and-drop website builder is a site editor that makes the process of making a website easy for you by dragging and dropping premade elements and blocks.

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) features help you place any premade element at the exact place you would like to. Most of these free website builder tools have many premade templates that help you design your website with one click!. You just need to import one of the themes you want by a click and your website is ready!

We have tested so many website builders that are suitable for students and teachers and here we share the best of them with you.

Best free website builder tools for Students & Teachers

1. IM Creator (Very Good FREE Plan and Paid one)

IM Creator Free Drag and Drop Site builder
IM Creator Free Drag and Drop Site builder

IM Creator is a free to use, popular and fully featured drag and drop website builder which offers you both free and paid plans with good performance in a secured environment to publish your ideas and host your educational website.

IM Creator has so many ready-to-use themes and you can freely choose one of them. The templates are suitable for running a wide range of websites like: educational, business, services, art & design, health & wellness, photography, restaurants & food, eCommerce & Retail, fashion & beauty, weddings, music & video, lodging, tech and reseller.

Main features of IM Creator are:

  1. Simple drag & drop editor. No programming required!
  2. Being free and cheap paid plans
  3. Responsive themes to look beautiful on any device: laptops, tablets, phones, smart watches and Oculus.
  4. SEO tools to increase your site’s traffic
  5. Ads free (even free plan)

2. Xweb (FREE Plan and Paid one)

Xweb is a template driven, drag and drop free website builder that is suitable for any kind of websites including educational, business, restaurant, wedding, online store, photography and more.

Xweb’s browser-based editor allows you to customize your chosen template easily and change any part of that with the least effort. One good feature is having website previewer that reflects changes immediately after you make one so that you can decide to keep or undo the changes.

Xweb offers unlimited storage for having as many pages as you want to and you can also have unlimited numbers of high-quality images on your website. Fully responsive templates presents your website perfectly fine in any mobile device. Xweb provides online support for free plans too. The main features are:

  1. Free Xweb domain
  2. Many available themes to choose from
  3. Unlimited web hosting
  4. Unlimited bandwidth
  5. eCommerce tools
  6. Full online support
  7. FREE for Life
  8. Optimised for Search using powerful SEO tools
  9. Secured servers
  10. Tens of built-in Add-ons
  11. Link Your own domain ( Only available to premium users and it is the only difference between free and premium accounts)

3. Strikingly (200MB free and paid plans)

Strikingly Website builder
Strikingly Website builder

Strikingly provides you a very simple, easy-to-use and totally WYSIWYG interface to build different pages of your website. It offers multiple functions for building e-Commerce websites. It offers you the opportunity to get connected to famous payment gateways. You can define coupons for your clients too!

You can have membership at your website and let users register and login to your website. Visitors can signup for newspaper and you can have live chat with them.

All hosted websites on Strikingly are SSL secured (HTTPS); you can securely connect your website to your social media accounts and display your posts from your social media accounts in your site too.

With free plan you can have 1 website with 500MB storage and 5 GB monthly traffic. If you would like to have access to more features, you must upgrade to premium plans.

4. 8b

8b helps you to create a fast, simple, and responsive (mobile-optimized) website in a few minutes. You don’t need to have any coding or programming skills to apply ready-to-use templates that are designed perfectly. You always have the option to change and customize the template.

You are able to change colors, images and texts of any parts of your website. 8b is an easy drag and drop web builder which is accessible on your mobile phone and tablets too. All websites made with 8b get free SSL Certificate. 8b has options to help you create multilingual websites in case you want to have multiple languages on your website.

8b allows clients to download their website content as a .ZIP format to transfer it to another website or to have a backup of their data (paid plans only)

Unlimited number of pages and articles are supported at 8b. You don’t face any limitations for the number of contents you are going to create. All clients have access to unlimited, high-performing storage and CDN.

Connecting to your custom domain and removing ads are only supported in paid plans and the rest of services are the same at both free and paid plans.

5. Simbla

Simbla is a free drag-and-drop website builder with good features that lets you create database-driven websites easily with tens of ready-to-use templates that can fit your requirements.

Simbla gives you database features by allowing you to collect data from your visitors. You can have tables with your users’ data. You don’t need to worry about managing servers because Simbla uses cloud-based secured infrastructure.

Simbla’s drag and drop website editor is based on Bootstrap. You can write custom functions, send data to database, and download/upload data from external systems to have operations on them.

Most of mentioned features are available to paid members but limited for free members. For example database features are free for 30 days only. With free amount you have 200 MB storage and 200MB Bandwidth and you can connect to your own domain.

6. Wix (FREE and Paid Plans)

Wix Free Website Builder
Wix Free Website Builder

Wix is a free website builder tool that helps you launch your own website easily with more than 500 premade customizable templates. The templates are suitable for various types of website including: education, business, personal blog, online store, photography, design and etc.

Wix has all features you are looking for to start your own website as a student/teacher. When you register on the website, you have access to website builder UI. Paid plans are mobile ready so your website will look perfect at mobile devices too.

Using Wix editor you can have video backgrounds, scroll effects and animations on your website. You can get benefit from ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to create your site too. Wix asks you a few questions and then it gives you the best possible option you probably wanted. You can choose the style and features of it and then everything is ready to use.

You don’t need to worry about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your new website because Wix gives you many options to rank better in search engines.

You have full control over meta-tags; you can redirect any page using 301 redirect which is totally search engine friendly. Wix has Google Search Console integrated to help you follow the ranking of your website, keywords, index URLs, backlinks and etc.

The Free plan of Wix allows you to launch your website but it has advertisements on it and you don’t have control over them. It also doesn’t allow you to have your own domain name. To lift these limitations, you should upgrade your plan to one of the paid ones. But it is recommended to stick with free plan for a few weeks and then if you felt like upgrading that would be a good option.

7. Website Builder

Choose the layout that you prefer and have your own custom website in minutes. Changes can be done easily as Website Builder uses drag and drop web editor. Even if you want to sell products on your website, it has options to handle sales tax, order fulfillment, inventory, product categories and shipping.

Website Builder has several options from free to E-Commerce. Main features of free plan are:

  1. Unlimited storage ( for images and other content)
  2. Free SSL
  3. Image library
  4. Mobile-friendly layouts
  5. Site statistics
  6. Online payments

8. Webstarts (Free and paid)

Webstarts Free Website Builder
Webstarts Free Website Builder

Another free website builder with all features you need to start your website as a student or a teacher. Customization of layout is easy using Webstarts. You will have a responsive (mobile-friendly) website choosing any of ready-to-use themes.

You will have a wide range of options for any kind of websites including: educational, business, store, portfolio, travel, fashion, landing page and etc. Main features of Webstarts are:

  1. You have access to HTML and CSS codes to change them
  2. Live chat with your visitors
  3. Image editor to rotate, resize or make other changes to uploaded photos
  4. Uploading your custom favicon
  5. Sitemap for better indexing by search engines

9. Jimdo (Free and paid plans)

Highly customizable website builder for students and teachers with drag and drop feature to make your first custom website easily. Regardless of what template you choose, all of them are mobile-optimized. Free plans of Jimdo have less options than previously mentioned websites builders.

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