8 Best Recommended Game Development Tools

“What type of game development tools are simple to use but allow for efficient development in a short amount of time?” “What are some of the most useful tools used in game development?” Some people may be concerned about selecting the most appropriate instrument.

This time, we’ll go through 8 essential tools for game development that we suggest for those who work in the industry and are looking for new tools or who want to enhance their game production abilities by studying the tools.

What is a Game Development Tool?

“Game development tools” are technologies that help game developers handle complicated task processes rapidly. A common tool is the “game engine,” which functions similarly to an engine.

A game engine is software that performs operations such as video and music processing and data management that are required for game development. Advanced game creation is achievable in a short amount of time while using the game engine. When using a game engine to process a game, a “programming language” is necessary. Depending on the game engine, many programming languages might be utilized.

Why Do You Need Game Development Tools?

Game programmers used to create software for their own game development. However, because implementation demands a high level of talent and effort, a game development tool was created to let you build high-quality games in a short amount of time.

The most significant benefit of game creation tools, particularly game engines, is that they provide the majority of the capabilities required to make a game. Most of the games actually developed use the game engine.

5 Convenient Tools Recommended for Game Development

Convenient Tools Recommended for Game Development
Convenient Tools Recommended for Game Development

We’ll go through five game engines, including “Unity” and “Unreal Engine,” which are common game engines used in game production.

1. Unity Real

Unity Technologies’ game engine, which has the world’s greatest market share for game creation across all platform genres, Unity is estimated to be responsible for 34% of all popular free online games. Unity also produces popular games like “Pokemon GO” and “Dragon Quest VIII: Sky, Sea, Earth, and Cursed Princess.”

  • Compatible with 24 platforms (iOS, Android, Fire OS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Xbox, PS3, PS4, PlayStation VITA, WiiU, VR / AR, etc.)
  • No programming knowledge required
  • You can use it for free if the annual revenue of the created game / product is 100,000 dollars or less.
  • Compatible with both 2D and 3D games
  • Enhancement of asset store

In addition to game development, Unity is utilized for a broad range of reasons, from children’s programming lessons to university research and hobbies.

2. Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine Game Development Tool
Unreal Engine Game Development Tool

It is powered by Epic Games’ game engine, which is utilized by several firms in addition to Unity. The Unreal Engine is also used in popular games like “Street Fighter V” and “Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Passing Time.”

  • You can draw overwhelmingly realistic graphics
  • No programming knowledge required
  • It can be used completely free of charge (5% royalties will be incurred if the sales of the created game / product exceed $ 1 million)
  • The engine code is open to the public

3. Cocos Creator

It is a 2D game engine that is mostly used for iOS and Android smartphone games. Chukong Technologies created this. Cocos2d-x also produces popular games like “Disney Tsum Tsum” and “Monster Strike.”

Cocos2d-x has these functionalities:

  • Completely free
  • Open source and highly flexible development possible
  • OS-independent cross-platform development is possible
  • There is a free dedicated editor


CRYENGINE Game Development Tool
CRYENGINE Game Development Tool

Crytek created the CryEngine gaming engine. CryEngine is responsible for games like “Far Cry” and “Crysis.”

  • Advanced graphic production is possible
  • Strength in VR games (cloud 3D space rendering system)
  • Completely free (adopts “Pay What You Want method” where users pay only what they want)

It is suited for shooting games and other first-person game genres, but it enables a wide spectrum of game creation.

5. Amazon Lumberyard

It’s an Amazon-provided gaming engine. A free cross-platform AAA game engine with AWS and Twitch integration that is fully open source. The Amazon Lumberyard is a significant upgrade over the CryEngine discussed before.

  • Completely free
  • Open source and highly flexible development possible
  • ScriptCanvas (visual language) is installed

3 Useful Tools Recommended for Game Development (Development Support)

Here are three tools that support development.

1. Git

Git is a version management system for source code. Linus Torvalds created it for use in Linux kernel source code control. It is a mechanism that can store game development progress. It is no exaggeration to suggest that it is a necessary instrument, particularly in the field of multi-person growth.

2. Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a Microsoft-developed and-provided integrated development environment. It is used to create websites, web apps, and online services, among other things, and by adding several extra components, it is possible to construct programs for other platforms like Linux and Android, in addition to Windows. is conceivable.

3. WebGL

WebGL is an abbreviation for Web Graphics Library, which is a JavaScript API for displaying 3D and 2D graphics without using a special plug-in in a web browser. You can also create an interactive screen that matches the screen operation. It is designed and maintained by the non-profit organization Khronos Group.

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