“Microsoft Defender for Individuals”, Online Security for PC and Mobile

Microsoft unveiled “Microsoft Defender for Individuals” on June 16, 2022 (local time). We began offering apps for Windows, Android, iOS/iPadOS, and macOS on the same day as a service that can be utilized with the subscription “Microsoft 365 Personal.”

Windows Security is a security program provided by Microsoft that is integrated into Windows. Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, an endpoint security platform for businesses that protects Windows, Mac, and mobile devices (Android, iOS, and iPadOS), forms the foundation for Microsoft Defender for Individuals. Additionally, they assist in managing internet security and data protection for all family-used devices.

Microsoft Defender for individuals
Microsoft Defender for individuals

The Dashboard, anti-malware/online protection, security warnings, and advice are the four key features.

If third-party antivirus software (like Norton or McAfee) is operating on your Windows PC, protective functions take precedence. Use Windows Security’s anti-malware/web protection feature if you don’t have any other antivirus software installed or if the operation has been halted. Android Defender offers browser and anti-malware security for Android. Protect yourself from potentially hazardous apps, malicious programs, and phishing scams by blocking websites that might steal your personal information. Defender offers online protection for iOS and anti-malware security for macOS.

Users may instantly view changes to the security state of registered devices through notifications, and for Windows and macOS, security advice can be utilized to improve online security.

The system requirements are as follows.

  • Windows: Windows 10 (version 19041.0) or higher. ARM-based Windows devices are not currently supported.
  • Mac: Intel Mac is macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher, Apple Silicon-equipped Mac is macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 or higher.
  • iOS / iPadOS: iOS / iPadOS 13.0 or higher.
  • Android: Android OS 6.0 or above.

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