17 Recommended Mac Apps to Install

For the first time, I’m using a MacBook, but I’m not sure which Mac Apps to install.

“I’d like to present a Mac-exclusive work efficiency tool.”

On your Mac, you may install a variety of useful programs and tools.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the best Mac programs for beginners who are running an iMac or MacBook.

List of 17 Recommended Apps for Mac / MacBook

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome Mac App
Google Chrome Mac App

Google Chrome is a web browser that lets you surf the internet.

Safari, the default web browser on your MacBook, is already installed. Chrome, on the other hand, offers several functionalities that Safari lacks.

Safari, for example, requires manual updating, but Chrome will do it automatically. Furthermore, the extension function may be used to perform a variety of functions.

2. Evernote [Standard memo app]

Evernote is a program that helps you keep track of your notes. It contains certain functions that aren’t available in ordinary Notepad programs.

You may, for example, use iCloud to sync the memo data to other devices. You may access the note you generated on your MacBook from your smartphone using iCloud.

Image data can also be saved. You may snap a photo of the whiteboard and save it as a note when you utilize it at a corporate meeting.

Furthermore, the Web Clipper tool makes it simple to take notes on webpages.

3. 1Password [Eliminates the hassle of password management]

1Password Mac App
1Password Mac App

1Password is a password manager that keeps track of user IDs, email addresses, and other information.

When utilizing Web services, entering and managing passwords takes a long time.

1Password has a function that generates secure passwords automatically.

It’s made for each web service, and users only need to remember one master password to keep track of all of their passwords.

The most important aspect is that it is simple to maintain while preventing password reuse.

The password vault may also be shared by forming a group among the members.

When adding members, security mechanisms such as authentication and use report output are ideal, so dangers may be reduced.

4. VirusBarrier Scanner [Free virus protection]

VirusBarrier Scanner for MacBook is an anti-virus and anti-malware program.

Basic anti-virus features like scanning drives with automated updates, scheduling settings, and quarantining/removing harmful files are all available for free.

Anti-malware, in particular, is compatible with both Windows and Mac, so you can use it with great peace of mind.

5. BetterSnapTool  [Efficient window operation]

BetterSnapTool Mac App
BetterSnapTool Mac App

BetterSnapTool is a useful tool for working with windows. You can use Windows without the software, but it is cumbersome in and of itself.

Splitting windows is simple using BetterSnapTool. The screen may also be divided into four halves by showing it in the upper right, lower right, lower left, and upper left.

Furthermore, if you assign a shortcut key, you will be able to change the window without using the mouse.

Moving the keyboard and mouse back and forth abruptly reduces job productivity. As a result, use shortcut keys to speed up your job as much as possible.

6. PopClip for Mac [Extended text selection function]

PopClip is a program that allows you to copy phrases using a variety of features.

The most important feature is the ability to search for copied terms on the Internet.

When you come across a term you’re interested in or an English word you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll typically copy it and paste it into the search bar.

You may show the search results without copying and pasting if you utilize the search feature.

The variety of applications can also be enlarged if you utilize the extended function.

The Amazon extension, for example, allows you to examine Amazon search results, while the Google Maps extension allows you to copy an address and view it on Google Maps.

7. Clipy [Standard clipboard app]

Clipy Mac App
Clipy Mac App

Clipy is a text-copying program that comes in useful as well.

The copied or pasted character string will be preserved as a history if you utilize Clipy.

This history can be stored a maximum of 100 times. You may also copy the string from this page. There’s no need to look for the character string you wish to duplicate.

Clipy also offers a snippet feature that lets you save and paste pre-written sentences. You will not have to input sentences if you register them to be entered frequently.

8. Skitch [Image editing for free]

Skitch is a screenshot and picture editing tool that lets you insert shapes and characters.

Do you want to add some information to a screenshot image? It’s also a normal Mac function, but it just allows you to shoot and store pictures.

In addition to taking screenshots, Skitch allows you to add figures such as arrows and squares to your photographs, as well as enter text.

It also contains a trimming feature, which allows you to save the image after deleting the unwanted sections. You may also use mosaic processing to hide the areas you don’t want to view.

9. Alfred [Standard launcher app]

Alfred Mac App
Alfred Mac App

Alfred is a fantastic launch application. Entering the name of the application you wish to start in the search area in Alfred will bring up the related applications, and you can start the application from there.

Because it takes time to discover the necessary program from the list of applications, being able to search is really useful.

In addition to looking for programs, Alfred also allows you to search for Google, Amazon, and other websites, as well as find files on your MacBook.

The shortcut key can be used to modify the appearance of Alfred’s search box.

10. MindNode [Create a mind map]

MindNode is primarily a mind-mapping program. A mind map is a visual representation of your ideas that is created by linking them with lines.

It is done in every circumstance at work, such as coming up with new ideas and determining what is required to meet a goal.

This mind map work may be done on your MacBook with MindNode. The features and user interface are basic, and the operation is light, so you may work stress-free.

You can easily change the line thickness and color to create your own theme.

11. Be Focused Pro [Ideal for task management]

Be Focused Pro is a task management program that you may use. There are a lot of task management applications out there, but Be Focused Pro stands out since it is based on the Pomodoro approach.

To generate a vivid impression, the Pomodoro technique refers to the notion of enhancing work productivity by alternately repeating the time it takes to complete a task and the time it takes to take a break.

By setting a timer for a specific amount of time, Be Focused Pro will be able to work using the Pomodoro technique.

12. Duet Display [iPad as a sub-display]

Duet Display Mac App
Duet Display Mac App

Duet Display is a Mac program that allows you to utilize your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone as an external display.

It is possible to utilize it by connecting each terminal to the Mac’s main unit through a USB cable.

We should expect a considerable increase in work efficiency as a result of enlarging the work space.

This is especially beneficial when starting numerous programs at the same time and moving between them. Recommended for people who desire to increase their job efficiency even while they are not at work.

13. ImageOptim [Convenient image compressor]

ImageOptim is a program that may be used to compress and optimize images.

The capacity may be greatly decreased by deleting the information related to the image data and improving it without damaging the image.

It is advised that you compress photographs on a regular basis if you are unwittingly compressing disk space with a large volume of image data.

14. CleanMyMac X [Comfortable Mac operation]

CleanMyMac X Mac App
CleanMyMac X Mac App

CleanMyMac X is an undesirable file removal program that declutters your Mac’s storage for smoother functioning.

Recommended for customers who are concerned about the Mac’s heavy and difficult-to-use operation, as well as those who wish to increase antivirus and security.

Despite the fact that it is paid, the user assessment of this program is really positive, and it can be argued that it is an essential application that you should install regardless of the cost.

15. Authy [Increase security with two-step verification]

Authy is a security utility that adds two-factor authentication to your app login.

With the rapid advancement of technology, there is a growing consensus that standard login IDs and passwords are insufficient to safeguard accounts.

Under such circumstances, by adding two-step verification by Authy, you can protect yourself from account hijacking and cyber attacks.

In addition to being free to use, this app is also available for iPhone and Android.

16. f.lux for macOS [cuts blue light]

F.lux Mac App
F.lux Mac App

F.lux is an app that reduces the amount of blue light emitted by a display.

Long periods of time spent on a computer are likely to induce eye strain, and blue light is thought to be a significant load.

You can reduce eye strain with Flux by lowering the amount of blue light emitted by your display.

17. AppCleaner [Easy deletion of unnecessary files]

AppCleaner is a program that allows you to remove and uninstall programs and their associated files.

It’s normal to remove the.APK file in the application folder when uninstalling an app.

However, if you also want to get rid of all the files associated with that software, AppCleaner is a good choice. You can easily uninstall programs and related files by dragging and dropping the APP file.

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